Bump J feat. Sly Polaroid – Goon Squad Anthem

Andrew Barber

There’s no way I could do a Best of Bump Week and not include Johnson’s #1 partner in crime, Sly Polaroid.  A few years ago it was undeniable that these two were quite possibly the most menacing MCs in the City, and had the streets locked down.  Collaborations such as “Streetz”, “Top This (with Kanye West)”, “Hey Joe” and “Promise Land” only solidified that when these two were in tandem, they were pretty much unfuckwitable.  Unfortunately, due to various legal situations, they didn’t have much studio time together towards the end of the last decade.  I know you die hard fans agree when I say I wish we had more music from the duo.

Because music moves so fast nowadays and the fans are more fickle than ever, you tend to forget the impact an artist or crew had just a few short years ago.  For example, I was at Shade 45 in NYC a few months ago, and was chatting with a high level hip-hop programmer at the station, who’s been in the industry for many years.  We talked about Chicago hip-hop – the past, present and future – and before I could even name drop some of my favorite artists from the Crib, he was already asking me about the Goon Squad.  He loved Bump and the movement, but he really, really loved Sly.  That was the thing, you never really know where the music is landing or who exactly is hearing it.  The same thing happened with Brainz Hussla, who was a favorite of a former Interscope and Capitol Records employee.  Bottom line is that these guys were everywhere – not just within Chicago city limit, and they were all dope within their own right.

A far as Goon Squad Anthem’s are concerned, there are actually two in existence.  The first which was produced by Xtreme (and is featured on MoonDawg’s Remember Me mixtape), and a second (which is my personal favorite) that was produced by Boogz.  I guess you can never have too many Goon Squad Anthem’s, right?  The video above (which is for the Boogz version), was used for some hood DVD of sorts many years ago (at least I think?).  It was finally uploaded to YouTube back in 2008, and I’ve honestly watched it at least once a week since.  As far as viral videos go, this clip shits on the one’s that are being made these days (no shots!), and really shows the camaraderie between the two.   Long live Bump & Sly!

So if you’ve never had a copy of the track,  you can now add it to your collection.

Bump J feat. Sly Polaroid – Goon Squad Anthem (Prod. by Boogz)


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  • Bumpy Johnson




    He ripped that shit!!!

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Lol, niggas requesting shit. I dnt think it will ever be another movement(in chicago) like goon squad. U should put Pushaman up here. That was my 05 summer anthem!!

  • Chiefj4

    @Andrew… Post something from that “Word on the Street” or “Chicagorilla” mixtape, and if you’re really feeling yourself, choose a track from that “Three Kingz” mixtape… other than Bump, that mixtape was kinda garbage, not sure who was feelin that project, but I went and grabbed it anyway. Play something that has gotton little exposure, if you will…. Thank You.

    West Side

  • CT

    It’s a shame that Goon Squad will probably never reach its peak! I remember Bump was everywhere on Whoo Kid Mixtapes, Mcdonalds commercials, Madden games, NBA Live games. Where the real gems at andrew? Other then I can handle that remixed I’ve heard all the songs you puttin up.

    What about songs like “Thats Yo Bitch” and “Ride” w/ Brainz off Blood Money.

  • Chiefj4

    @Andrew, put that Bump J version of Yung Joc’s song “Come and See It” It didn’t make it on Joc’s album, but i remember that version. Maybe you have it.

    West Side

  • Played Out

    What up with these old songs? We all have them already. Post some exclusive hits!

  • Andrew

    Yeah, I’ve got something real nice and unreleased for tomorrow’s post. but as I said in my initial announcement, Bump week wasn’t about dropping unreleased or rare songs, but more of an opportunity for me to talk about some of my favorite records from him and give them the shine/press they deserved. The window of when FSD was around and Bump was recording was so short that I couldn’t even cover much… Some of this stuff deserves to be dissected for those on the outside who may have never heard….

  • Played Out

    Oh so I get it now. Good looking out.

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