Mixtape: Hollywood Holt – These Are The Songs That Didn’t Make The Album But Are Still Cold As Hell So Shut The F*** Up Vol. 1

Andrew Barber


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  • Guy

    ^^^^^ But Are Still Cold As Hell So Shut The F*** Up

  • Back Seat Action

    I Did Expect Better…This Shit Was Kinda Whack & Holt Is One Of My Favs

  • Truth Speaks

    I think shes a great artist, unique and creative, but I do think this mixtape was sub- par. in retrospect to some of her other material.


  • Chicago Is For Haters

    ^^^she? her??? okay…

  • Back Seat Action

    Man He Killed With The Title But The Songs Didnt Live Up To Its Name

  • liquid

    i’m a big fan of hollywood, but this tape is kind of a letdown.

  • Back Seat Action

    Def A Let Down I Fucks Wit Holt Hard But Its Crazy I Listened o This Joint Once & I Was Done

  • maaannnn

    its on”is dope,
    BRAINS is cold as a zombie( anyone remember hearin it on that cremedelacream mixtape? rocked that shit hard on halloween!)
    fall back is hotsause,
    the rest except the last freestyle….eh, take it or leave it.

  • northsyda

    pretty good.. nothin new tho

    http://www.1daymusic.com REAL MUSIC FOR REAL ARTISTS!

  • smh

    I hope his album sounds NOTHING like this. Dope design by Brandon but Hollywood doesnt seem to really back it up haha…

  • dawreck

    check out my mixtape. somthing i threw together for my fans in 2 weeks http://www.dawreck.com
    lets support eah other chi town! i see you holt.

  • LOVE

    Great guy, least favorite recording artist.

  • ImpoliteSociety

    “Almost There” is the hardest and the second half of the tape is overall iller.

  • corporatethuggin

    Hollywood holt sucks and should not rap and should really consider getting a real job. This guy is going to be riding mano’s and chucks coattails until hes 40. And once he is 40, he will be broke (mainly bc he signed a deal with bitch ass 7) ugly, and full of faded tatoos. I hope he finds him a rich chick bc that is the only way he will ever be successful. Certified garage and a disgrace to hip hop. he shoulda been a back up dancer, fake ass 2pac in humpty days.



  • hollywood holt

    hahahaha damn that nigga is mad well the funniest thing is this is the only site i got negative comments on if u don’t like it its all good thats just how it goes sometimes i hope u all like the next one

    but real quik i want to address the riding coat tails shit i don’t ride nothin me and mano started all this together and as far as chuck goes we never even worked together he’s just my homie so now u know treated shut the fuck up while i get on this flight to brasil treated.

    • lllllll

      paid for by whom niegel? you think going to various places is evidence of “making it?” it would have been better to work in computers like the rest of your family, make a good income like they did, and VACATION in brazil.

      look at it this way, ask a 20 year old about the original matrix movie. ask them who fred sandford is. ask a 20 year old to name a Lauren hill song.

      Saturday night live had a part, with 2 guys in a club..too old?

      when is “too old”? there is a point when people your age already have “made it” and slowing. and here u are chasing it still?

      I suppose u could be cee low. unknown national till now.

      remember, tats and all, people still get their act together.

      in brazil, which u state as a sign of luxury, is truly a country in mass poverty. the money is in the man with healthcare, who sent his kid to see you. not being the guy on stage hoping he never needs diabetic meds, or blood pressure meds.

      lets say u gain it. big house, cars, women, etc. you realize thats s thing that tskes time right?

      then let’s say its 3 years. and then youre big. all the big acts come to you for top ten songs. how long will that be. lets say 7 years before others come and take your cake. fair? so 10 yrs.

      add that to today. where is the ‘live off my efforts’ years coming from?
      you see
      NOW is your life. so where ever u are now? this is it bru. this is hollow wood holt. double your age, what u come to? retirement age?

      WELL GUESS WHAT…WELCOME TO MIDDLE AGE BRO!!! u were already suppoded to he where u were running to. u should look up marshal hood (dj hershey) he is running after the carrot too. problem is, you’re a jew. in doomed egypt.
      keeping a jew busy building bricks, makes it so he wont become a town cryer warning others.

  • jakefish

    I thought it was pretty dope. Almost There, Brains, and Tonites Da Nite were the best. Holt is getting better with everything I hear, and he’s got some pretty creative song concepts.

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