Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress (prod. Bink!)

FSD Staff

G.O.O.D Music Friday leaked a little later this week.  I’m personally feeling this more than the monster track that dropped last week. BINK! is an extremely underrated producer.

BTW ‘Ye is on a huge twitter rant right now (way too big to post here) so check that out if you want to see where his head is at (nh).

Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress (prod. Bink!)

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  • KEND$L!

    This s**t is raw!

  • Big Chucker

    Man this is a hot track!

  • Phat Phill

    I fux with it

  • DT

    classic potential

  • nice kicks

    more devil music,first power,then monster,now devil in a new dress..R U FUCKING KIDDING ME?

  • Sean Johnson

    I like what he speaking on but I’m not feeling this beat at all. And I do agree with the person above me, Why are all his titles dark.

  • ChiCityColdCity

    “We love Jesus but you done learned at lot from Satan” wow, Dondre is rolling in her grave. SMH

  • Drkr[img]

    Who the fuck really listens to this shit? This isn’t even fucking rap music !

  • und.

    should have went back to college for grammar ye! lol

  • fatboi

    Yall niggas need to stop THIS SHIT IS NASTY!!!!! if thats how he feels thats how he feels no matter the agenda, This is the best song I heard this month, I cant wait for the record. THe EnD!!!

  • echo

    the reenactment of dana carvey in the back ground was pretty funny
    …could it be um…………

    Also, the controversy is great.

    good sample, great song.

  • Blak

    Got damn, Ye bringin the soul back.

  • IknowwhatImtalkingbout

    boring……sorry fans,,,

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