Video: Bump J x Sly Polaroid – Lost Goon Squad Interview [2005]

Andrew Barber

When I told you a few days ago that Will Gates was the gatekeeper of the lost Chicago footage, I wasn’t playing around.   As you may or may not know, Will used to make the Chicago Version DVDs that flooded the streets of Chicago in the mid-aughts.   These DVD prominently featured the Goon Squad and today we have some lost footage of Bump and Sly in the studio working on Bump’s shelved debut, Nothing To Lose.

You can hear a few of his classic joints playing in the background (including “Our Father) and get a few words from the Goons.

Be on the lookout for Sly’s upcoming mixtape, Honor Me, hosted by DJ MoonDawg, coming soon.


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  • Darnell

    I know Bump wish he can go back in time to this moment. He had all that potential to do something great for this city and it all went down the drain. I know he would have been in the top five by now.

  • Fenny

    What a waste of talent. Bump a fuckin loser

  • Chiefj4

    I remember this interview, I have all those old Chicago Versions. Damn, Jo Jo been low key for a minute. And Sly has got humble as hell compared to his earlier years in the game, I seen dude out and about and holla’d at him, cool as hell. BUT, all those signing bonuses, and a settlement from the album deal going sour… and the biggest buzz Chicago had since its underground scene in the early 90’s… Why the fuck you run up in a bank Bump? Its unfortunate, I saw that interview of him the night Obama won, not long after He was locked up; he had so much promise and potiential, but couldn’t shake them streets for shit. All that ice don’t mean shit now. That should be a lesson to the young. Wasted money and wasted potiential. Sly Gotta hold it down, he must!

    West Side

  • {Drkr}IMG

    He was a typical bling bling rapper I never knew what people seen in him. Ya he had a few good songs but nothing to rave about. I think y’all just jockin him cuz he had a lil record deal. Like Mayor ColdHard said in the other video , as soon as y’all see a lil bling or a nigga on a label, all the male groupies jump on him

  • gutta

    drkr img, are u listening to the same music we are…bump got that shit…and his work ethic was that bites…bling rapper you couldn’t be listening to the same bump we r…mayor coldhard…this the dude u listening to..the cowboy/pimp ahhhhhh u have already lost.

  • gutta

    bitness not bites

  • No country for Bump J

    This stupid nigga couldn’t let go of the street life. He chose that quick money and he could have been making millions right now. What a stupid fuck.

  • YAH


  • ChiCityColdCity

    Its Big Bank Bump!!!! Out of all those “goons” Bump had in his circle, not one of them advised him to get out of the streets. But i guess you’re not supposed to get career advise from “goons”

  • ChiCityColdCity

    *i mean advice

  • Paul Scientific

    He had the potential to be the best this city’s seen. His situation is truly unfortunate. Hold ya head Bump…

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