Video: FSD Interviews GemStones

Andrew Barber

Yep.  We pretty much cover it all on this one.

Recently, FSD’s Laura Mitchell sat down with GemStones, one of Chicago’s brightest and most talented artists to talk about the state of his career.  From his most recent project On The Road To Glory: My Story to his claims of giving up rap for the Church; Gem really opens up to address everything you’ve ever wanted to know – including his break up with Lupe Fiasco and FNF.  Prolyfic, Boogz, Chilly – no stone is left unturned on this one.  No pun intended, of course.

Gem, who has seen the ups and downs of the music industry, gives FSD a candid look into his life, his struggles and his plans for the future.  Now you can really hear his story.

Shot at PHLI by Mike Paulucci.

Previously: GemStones – On The Road To Glory: My Story [Mixtape]


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  • echo

    Good and Honest interview…. however, you do not film an interview of a great artist, beautiful host and perfect atmosphere without proper miking. Lavalier, boom or hand held for example..great job otherwise.

    If you don’t like it (my opinion), “Call the Police” (plug)

  • TASTEoftheGO

    ^what he said…not to be bogus but it aint that damn hard to get a wireless lav mic or at least a mic in general…that nat sound interview shit is gabbich…

    Good interview tho, we been waitn fa fam to drop hope that shit still fire like he used to be!

  • Baytove

    Beautiful young lady fa sho

  • yessss

    Laura is sooooooooooooo sexy!!!! damn damn damn

    and i agree with the above…can’t hear them talking it’s too quiet…also please no background music during’s distracting.

  • Mnk

    Pretty dope interview…….i agree with the rest of the the people that commented about the sound and everything. good job Luara keep doing a good job. GemStones Tremendous man very Insightful and Infromative!!!!

  • Anon

    This interview > the Rick Ross interview. Next time cut the music out and pump the sound in, other than those 2 gripes, this interview was well done Laura.

  • Vic Mensa

    She is fine as HELL fam. Andrew I knew you were a player dog

  • Fatboi

    short hair dont care

  • BK

    Great Interview and Laura is beautiful ohh lordy lordy lord lol

  • Skope Diesel

    I co-sign what BK said all day i have the Gemstones mixtape and its as good as the rest if not better…music biz is fucked up & very evil its not for everyone I’m glad my man decided to come back and do this rap shit in a good way his on way with good intentions peace Gem that grown man shit is appreciated

  • ChiCityColdCity

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this interview real talk. At one point in time, I thought Gem had went crazy or had a nervous breakdown or some shit. He jus had to fall back and reevaluate his situation. This interview answered alot of question that I’ve been pondering for years. Great piece.

  • Mike E

    “She is fine as HELL fam. Andrew I knew you were a player dog”

    I wouldnt take it that far….maybe in Chicago where the scale on women is curved…A Chicago 10 is a New York, LA, Miami, Atl “6” without exaggeration. In any of those cities she wouldnt get a second look I guarantee you. But she is decent though…but stop with the “Fine as Hell” sentiments. Chicago has the worse females of all the major cities.

  • Toussaint L’overture

    @ Mike E she is fine but I can’t agree with the chicago women being 6 in MIAMI – NY – LA – ATL chicago has some bad girls broski …

  • Brandon G

    if she had a penis, i’d rate her a 20

  • Laura

    @Mike E – Just an FYI, ATL thinks I’m above a 6…..not sure if you remember, but I had a billboard up down in ATL for a good amount of time…. I’ve actually had my face in numerous states across this country babe…so unless you are the President of Elite or Ford Models….kick rocks. And thank you thank you thank you to all of you who enjoyed the interview and support me!!! 🙂

  • Laura

    @Mike E – one more thing…i always get second looks everywhere….BECAUSE I AM 6’2″ WITH MY SHOES!!!

  • Vandellish

    Hey Mike E, it’s called an opinion buddy!
    Nothing wrong with letting yours be heard too but don’t sh!t on others while you doing it. Beautiful women live and are from everywhere in the world. In fact, many of the beauties you speak about in NYC, MIA, or ATL are from tiny areas or other cities (including Chicago) and went there for modeling/business or just the lure of that particular city. Halle Berry is from Cleveland so you can’t tell me there ain’t fine women everywhere. Now as far as the attitudes of Chicago women…that’s another topic. So stop being a regionalist and become an intellectual. Jeez!

    Anyways…nice interview and yes Laura you are indeed a keeper. Keep progressin

  • Brandy Penelope

    I’m super late Laura but, you really nailed this one! Always enjoyed Gemstones personality as well. He is a pure talent and a blessing. Love this video. x and o

  • ThatniggaTrigga!

    yes Laura is bad! Shit she would be a keeper in my book! but, my nigga stones! good interview homie! People needed 2 hear what u had 2 say. And your music speaks for itself anyway! the future! niggaz need 2 really get up 2 it!

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