Atlantic Tried To Force Lupe To Sign A 360 Deal + Chicago Protest Info

Andrew Barber

I’ve heard a slew of  rumors over the past few months as to why Atlantic Records was refusing to release Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers, and the most shocking of those seems to be true.  Besides hearing that Atlantic gave a handful of Lupe records to B.O.B. that ended up being massive hits, I’d also heard that they were forcing his hand into a slave deal of sorts.  Well, in an interview with HipHopDX, Lupe confirmed this to be true:

Although he has touched on the topic before, he told fans that Atlantic demanded a 360 deal, including 25% earnings from original music, shows, and outside deals. He explained that, when he declined the offer, Atlantic threatened to withhold money to make music videos, and to not promote his music on the radio.

Lupe also said Atlantic didn’t like his music, or as he put it, “They think I’m whack.” He told fans that the label sent him hooks to record, and when he completed them, they still did not like them.

Damn.  I guess Atlantic saw the value in Lu’s massive and cult-like fanbase, and wanted a piece of that tour money. 

If you’re in Chicago and would like to participate in “Fiasco Friday” on October 15th, you can March with other like-minded fans starting at 1:30pm in Grant Park.  Hit the jump for full details…

On October 15th 2010, also know as “Fiasco Friday” A large march will be taking place in New York City also. The New York City march will end up with a Protest at Atlantic Records Headquarters. Mr. Fiasco will be in attendance in New York. With Chicago being his hometown, we figured it would only make sense to March in Support of Fiasco and to draw attention to the situation.

We will begin the march gathering in Grant Park at 1:30PM, near Buckingham Fountain, We will then head towards Michigan Avenue and Continue North along Michigan Avenue until we reach the John Hancock Center where we will turn around and March back to Grant Park. Fans and supporters will be wearing Fiasco attire, carrying picket signs, Chanting, and Spreading the message with any who will listen. We have been quickly gaining support in the week that we have been trying to organize this event.


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  • Anonymous

    FnF up!

  • dirtyKIKE

    so does that mean BOB is in a 360 deal?

  • DAN


  • J. Ian Campbell

    Im a huge fan of Lupe and his talents but Lupe has to remember that this is a business. Why would Atlantic invest money into making him a bigger star and have him reap all the benefits? If he was selling a shit load of records I would say they are completely in the wrong but Lupe has made it clear he does not want to walk in that path. Lupe does everything Lupe’s way. He has to learn to pick and choose his battles more  Looking at it from a business aspect I totally feel Atlantic.

    Even Prince bit the bullet and admitted the error in his ways. Don’t be him.

  • My 2 Cents…..

    dirtyKIKE says:
    October 5, 2010 at 10:42 am
    so does that mean BOB is in a 360 deal?

    Probably. Artists gotta earn that big check nowadays.

  • ChiCityColdCity

    That…is WACK



  • dirtyKIKE

    we have no idea what kind of demands either side want, for all we know atlantic wants him to just do party tracks and do not want him to be serious at all on top of sucking him dry of all he’s worth…………or lupe is just be unreasonable, i have no idea, atlantic seems to have always had issues with its urban acts.

  • DAN



    stand up LUPE!! dont take this sittin down!!

  • Simeon

    Best of luck Ahk

  • dopefiend dave

    “If your a like-minded fan in chicago we will be streaking,thru the quad.”

  • dopefiend dave

    * forgot to put the no homo

  • never eye alone

    Yea i see they peeped my dude lyrics on beaming. no cyclops, its never i alone. thats the sound of the beats/i’m a columbia records slave…

  • Nyatu

    B.o.B. is definitely signed to a 360 deal and Atlantic is supporting him because of it. Fucked up ain’t it! Atlantic is the label that is pushing/forcing 360 deals the most!

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