Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Banned Album Cover]

Andrew Barber

I guess the powers that be at Def Jam deemed this artwork too racy for the masses.  I guess you can’t bang an angel while drinking a Heineken anymore.  I thought this was America, people?  Cue up that 2 Live Crew.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is due out November 22nd.



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  • Mista Cory

    That is why I’m against the industry and all that mainstream crap! Artist aren’t artist, they are slaves to the record execs. “We won’t release your album because I want hits”, “change this album cover cause it will make our label look bad”, BS! Let a artist do his thing on the side, they want a cut, or they will sue, breach or contract,BS!!! Publishing, they own your work and what percent do you get, very little; your not on tour cause you want to, that’s not all, you are on tour to increase your bank account to make up for the share they took from your record sales. Your homie is on a different label, he has to get cleared to be on your song; on the flip side you have to but this wake ass dude on one of your songs cause the label thinks “he’s the next best thing”BS!!! ONE

  • shawtybogus

    its a business jo, so they have to give and take to get their music out to the masses on a major label.

  • token

    not that big of a deal. he was fucking an armless white angel at that. dont know about yall but if it were me i woulda been fucking 2 non-amputee sista angels with fat asses. that woulda been a better cover.

  • Man Down

    LOL! Kanye a fool! Thats why I don’t care what ya’ll say about his music or his swag….Kanye is so chicago.

  • Blanco

    Yall dont c notin wrong wit a naked wolf man sippin a heinken fuking a naked demon angel ass all in ya face as an album cover?? Man we have fallen a long way this is wat u want your kids 2 c on the shelves at the store or on the floor of your car.. Im glad Wal Mart had the “POWER” to stop dis shit thats crazy.. I caint fukk wit homie no more he done lost it

  • Folk

    This cover is demonic. People accept anything now a days. You people need to do your research and find the real meaning behind things.



  • F.A.B.L.E.

    Can’t rock with this…

  • Fatboi

    It goes with the title……….THE END

  • khemet

    That album cover aint got sh!t on http://rateyourmusic.com/list/djlanda/the_100_worst_album_covers_ever. Peep #20.

  • Runamb

    This cover is very demonic,am glad it was banned.

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