Mikkey Halsted – The Lesson (Talk 2 ‘Em)

Andrew Barber


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  • K_TownP

    Dis is dat piff. I’m ready for the real album or a mix-tape something new for the beats by dre headphones.

  • F.A.B.L.E.


  • Mike 100s

    100s stand up & salute this nigga! Mikkey Halsted always come with both guns blazing! good shit my nigga!

  • mikeholder

    Mikkey H. is back on his revolutionary thang I see. That’s his best look to me. Dope track too. Who is the producer?


    DAMN! this HARD! as FUCK!

  • chicagorilla

    Those is some heavy bars dude is spittin’. Supa 2uesdays.

  • NobleDrewAliWithABrokenArm(JustUghhH)

    It’s Mikkey-time, who happens to be right on time. The streets are about to get diluted with an updated understanding. How metaphysical!

  • NobleDrewAliWithABrokenArm(JustUghhH)

    He the only one that can pull a triple segue of Fred, Malcolm, and ugghh — let me go back to the song lol

  • moufshot


  • Lisa B

    Why is he not on G.o.o.d. Music? He’s an absolute beast lyrically and he look good as hell.

  • Mikkey Halsted

    Shouts to Tapez for the track!!!!!!


    sounds like hollywood divorce

  • enzyme9

    Everything hittin, gud shit fam!!!

  • Kenlo Key

    one of the handful of artists that make me proud to be a part of Chicago hip hop..salutes to this nigga..#teamintavention

  • mikeholder

    I’ve had this one on repeat since yesterday. You gotta listen to this a few times to get it. The lines about King Solomon are C-R-A-Z-Y!! He drops a few Cash Money references that went over my head the first few time too.

  • JuzMean1

    The truth in the booth

  • gzuspiece


  • 2WO

    All I can do is salute Mik for this joint man. This is crazy. Keep firing my brother.

  • Eugene


  • 1 of You

    Halsted!!!!!!!!! Keep given it to them Bro you rep the the !00’s to the fullest and the Chicago better get behind this real music.

  • tyehill/produktionix

    Daaaayuuuum back to the drawing board… I was just about to bounce down a bunch of beats….
    Nope…. Straight to recycle bin.

    Thanks Tapez & Mikk

    MF’s Got me going back to the lab 2nite. I was gonna watch the bears game,,,

    Mikk Imma beat yo ass when I see you

    Not laughing out loud either

    call me ninja

  • mikeflo


  • Chucky Moe

    UnCrownedCity…Repect that we coming! TripleBeam nigga..measure that!…Chucky Moe

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