Twista feat. Diddy – Back To The Basics (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

Andrew Barber


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  • Gandhi

    Diggin the beat!
    It’s crazy how Diddy gets the “feature” title for 3 seconds of “work” . Regardless, Diddy’s on there. I’m def looking forward to the album!

  • Chiefj4

    Weak! Does anybody else see this? be honest. Like every song Twista has done, dating back at least 4 years has the same flow style, he’ll rap like 8 words fast then take a breath. Man, Twista used to flow. This is no hate, just facts. Just thought he’d get more better as he aged, but that erb is cathcing up to him, shit, he can’t even rap fast no mo! He has no content, no versatile flow, no lyrics, cannot rap fast, and Traxster is abusing his “new found down south stardom.” Truth be told, Traxster was Legendary way before the whispering his name on tracks, moving down south, and making down south beats, now he is just a has been. Twista is lookin’ like Brett Farve in the game now… and I Love Brett like I do T, but there comes a point when you have to be honest with yourself. Your shit is garbage! Traxster even said it when there were into it, and the content has not progressed since. The Perfect Storm? more like perfect impersonation of Bow Wow as a 40 year old.

    West Side

  • Draft Pick

    This that Twista shit!! U digg

  • mack

    ^^he going in on t but he is keeping it 100

  • Anon

    Chiefj4, I disagree so that makes your entire point invalid.

  • Big Chucker

    Chiefj4 you are a hating ass muthafucking stan if you don’t like Twist music no more don’t by the album and shut the fuck up! Fuck your opinion you have been trashing Twist eveytime something about him is posted that makes you a hater! This shit is tight NOV 9th go cop The Perfect Storm and support CHICAGO HIPHOP despite what these hating ass niggas say!

  • [Drkr]IMG

    This shit heated!!

  • Guch da Goon

    Twist a muthafuckin Chi town Legend! I will definitely be buying the album and supporting him.

  • HU

    Chief sounds like an idiot. Anyway all bullshit aside, Twista has made some missteps recently but this song is fire. I heard some songs off the album at The Loft in St. Louis where Twista performed last night and it sounds pretty damn hard. I decided I’ll buy it at Best Buy.

  • Twista Best Rapper Alive

    Chief doesnt know what the fuck he is talkin about! T’s lyrics are fuckin sick and his style isnt going to be the same exact shit that he had 14years ago there will be some changes and even though his shit is still sick as fuck!! Trax beats are still sick as fuck too!! Anyway this track is sick but I still cant wait for the cd next week gonna be even better tracks over this one!!

  • dark.T.

    back to basics twista did it agin this is hot yeah for sure he the king of that machine gun rap. The album going to be tight its going to cause a stir in the game i know hip hop and probably he also got some crazy cats featuring on this shit i feel it the traack is hot big up twista dark t from africa im out

  • stone

    real talk twist played out i ain”t gon give him LL cool J status but he basically takes the safe route do a chick cut put some throwaways on da cd an its been one you can clearly hear that he doesn”t even love this shit anymore he jus doin to get a couple of dollars an he a disloyal fuck if u ask me

  • Sonned

    if you don’t like this joint, you don’t like adrenaline rush.

    and if you don’t like adrenaline rush, you don’t have a credible music taste.

    and if you don’t have a credible musical taste, shut the fuck up.

  • gzus


  • solid 4

    All you need to no is twista did do this shit on his own. stokes,maze made that nigga hard as far as lyrics. You mean to tell me those guys just left twista fucked up and when stokes get finish with him oyu will see the true chicago street rap in liffy stokes. When all the guys you started with leave because twista afraid the next dude might come up. I say fuck twista and the the new ass kissers around him .

  • CT

    I agree wit dude above, Twist can still spit fast but nowhere near as fast as his earlier work.

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