iLLaNOise Presents: FSD x Complex Magazine’s 50 Greatest Rap Songs [The Mixtape]

Andrew Barber

You saw the list yesterday, right?  You couldn’t have missed it.  Most loved it, others disagreed – but hey, that’s what is beautiful about hip-hop.  After the smoke cleared, the number one request I received was “Can you make a mix of all these songs?”.  Always a step ahead, we already had this in the chamber: Mixed and hosted by DJ Jay iLLa a.k.a. iLLaNOise, we created a soundtrack for you to bump to as you stroll down Chicago’s memory lane.  The project is a two part set that gives you great mixes and blends of the top 50.  Enjoy, check out the list and spread the news.

The 50 Greatest Chicago Rap Songs [Read]

Follow: iLLaNOise.  Covers by: dopedesigner.

Download link and tracklists below the cut.

iLLaNOise Presents: FSD x Complex Magazine’s 50 Greatest Rap Songs

Part 1
1. Kanye West – Jesus Walks
2. Lupe Fiasco – Failure
3. Da Brat – Funkdafied
4. Juice – Freestyle or Written
5. Crucial Conflict – Rodeo
6. Grav – City To City
7. Just Ro feat. Common – Confusion
8. Bump J – Move Around
9. No I.D. feat. Common & Dug Infinite – State To State
10. Twista – Adrenaline Rush
11. PsychoDrama – Magic
12. Do or Die feat. Twista & Johnny P – Po Pimp
13. Infamous Syndicate – Here I Go
14. GLC – I Ain’t Even On Yet
15. Shawnna – Gettin’ Some
16. The Cool Kids – Black Mags
17. Kidz In The Hall – Drivin’ Down The Block
18. D.A. Smart – Walk Wit Me
19. Payroll – Never Change
20. All Natural – 50 Years
21. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar
22. Lupe Fiasco – Kick, Push
23. Rhymefest – How We Chill
24. Rhymefest feat. Juice – How We Chill Pt. 2
25. Mikkey Halsted – Liquor Store

Part 2
1. Chaka Khan – Through The Fire (Intro)
2. Kanye West – Through The Wire
3. Common feat. The Last Poets – Corners
4. L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Chicago N****
5. Common – The Bitch In Yoo
6. Common – I Used To Love H.E.R.
7. No I.D. feat. Dug Infinite – The Real Weight
8. Da Brat feat. The Notorious B.I.G & Jermaine Dupri – Da B-Side
9. Yung Berg – Sexy Lady
10. Crucial Conflict – Bogus Mayn
11. Do or Die feat. Twista & Johnny P – Still Po Pimpin’
12. Twista feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx – Slow Jamz
13. Twista – Overdose
14. EC Illa – What You Be About
15. EC Illa – On Ill
16. Psychodrama – Do What You Wanna Do
17. Crucial Conflict – Hay
18. Common feat. Kanye West – Southside
19. D 2 Tha S – Doomsday
20. Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’
21. Common – Soul By The Pound
22. Common – Resurrection (Large Professor Remix)
23. Common – Resurrection
24. Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz feat. Newsense – Crook County (Bone Crusher)
25. Twista feat. Johnny P – Emotions
26. Do or Die feat. Johnny P – Playa Like Me & You
27. Kanye West – My Way
28. Kanye West feat. John Legend – Home
29. Kanye West feat. Chris Martin – Homecoming


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  • Marc Spears

    This is unfair! All great classic on tap!

  • LowChi

    Kudos for this dope line up.. Snypaz “Searching” should have been in there somewhere, I’m certain they made a mag or 2. Future 50 next.. What’s Heat is bringing a lot of classics… DatBoyHot & Squad One!!!

  • Professor Pickle


  • 10photos

    yeah no Snypaz or Qualo is on here. but its still a dope mixtape tho.

  • 5th Child

    What? No Rashid Hadee???

  • Mista Cory

    Missing “Synpaz Searchin” Qualo’s “Gun Shots Warfare”, Sellin”, or “Trust None”, Crucial Conflict’s “Desperado”! I don’t think Young Berg should not be on this mixtape, but BXC for that track “Love for the Music” real talk!

  • thirstball

    Who the hell picked that list that shit is all off homie for real what happened to the snypas and soldiers at war yall need to hire me to run yall shit cause I been seeing yall been posting alot of bullshit dont keep doing what yall been doing cause that shit aint right andrew!!!!!!



  • tasteofthego

    on my momma!
    list aight jus need that underground touch man, alot of the 90s missing…bhlunt ‘choke’, kellz and conflict ghetto queen…kinda not necessary to have ressurection take up 2 spots or kanye home/homecoming its the same damn song im sure he wouldnt care if u combined them to give room for the ones who deserved to be on here frm back when ye was sellin beats fa the super duper low…snypaz searchin is ESSENTIAL…only the street niggas know wus in order, but i did have a 20 year old asian dude in vegas walk up to me askin bout snypaz and triple darkness im like fam fuck u know bout some drama ward shit all the way out here…that pandora got shorties catchin up on the crib, and any publicity for the chi without violence is ALL TO THE GOOD

  • Dawreck

    its crazy for years ive been tryna catch up to the guys that came before me
    twista,crucial,do or die ,snypaz. out of these legends i felt like td was the young group,
    nobody really knew about.since then i been bussing my ass to get music out to people
    that wanted to hear it. this is the only site that tries to erase all of that.its like yall saying fuck us
    (not andrew) everytime im on here i recieve hate. you got people that say give the new guys a chance your a LEGEND.if im a legend how am i not in top 50.yall not reppin the city right.
    i put on for mine

  • Grinderman

    Great Job on the list!

  • CHICAGORilla

    I’m downloading this now. Can’t wait to put this on my MP3 player and bang it out on the ride home! Good looking out Drew-Ski

  • str8hiphop


  • str8hiphop

    NO JUICE SINCERELY??????? C’MON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bo

    i ain’t tryna hear this bullshit

  • ChicagoHipHop

    Like the list but felt, Young Berg, GLC, & Brat “Funkdafied” should be removed….

    On this list should be:
    Cap D. “It’s Okay”
    Tha Chamba “Sayalilsumthin”
    DS Tha S “DIssin’ These Fools”
    Juice “Sincerely”
    Infamous Syndicate “Jenny Jonez”
    Several songs by Rubberoom could’ve made the list
    & Verbal Kent “Big Buildings”

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