Grant Parks & Vudu Spellz feat. YP, Bighomie DOE, Lungz, Onis & Griffen – I’m Always High

Andrew Barber

Another all-star collabo off the Grant Parks and Vudu Spellz mixtape, Hip Hop The Rebirth (Real MC’s – Real Skillz), which drops February 15th, courtesy of FSD and I’m not playing when I tell you this project is coming out crazy, and look no further than this Duffmasters posse cut for proof.  The project features production from both GP and Vudu, and this track in particular was done by Grant.

Check back next Tuesday for two FSD premieres, one a never-before-heard record from Bump J and other a pimptastic track from GLC.  You can hit the jump for the artwork for both of those cuts.


Grant Parks & Vudu Spellz feat. YP, Bighomie DOE, Lungz, Onis & Griffen – I’m Always High


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  • Griffen312


  • CT

    If thats the record I think your talking about drew it’s not exclusive! Taking a acapella and putting it over a different beat is nothing to make a big deal out it.

    I could be wrong, Just sounds a bit suspect for bump to have 2 records out called “Get Shit Poppin” Bump shouting out Vudu on the 1 I already heard. . .

  • Hamid

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