J. Crist x Twista – Gimme A Minute

Andrew Barber


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  • ChiefJ4

    Gimme A Minute…. ok, Twista, I am using my voice as if I am your 60 year old grandmother, and you are a 10 year old little boy, QUIT PLAYING WITH THAT! TAKE IT OUT YOUR HAND NOW! NOW GO IN THE CORNER AND SIT DOWN. FACE THE WALL AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST DID… AND DONT GET UP UNTIL YOU THINK ABOUT THAT DUMB SHIT.

    West Side

  • ReggieP

    This is a serious track right here!

  • cecil567

    3rd verse is sick!!! Its about time these two came together for a track…

  • Big Mike

    Shit goes hard! Fuck did this dude come from-

  • sarpo

    This the real deal…white boy killed it and it was one of Twista’s best verse’s…Done.

  • mapH

    definatly a Banger! would love to hear another from this colab…

  • 7mics

    Shit is on point! Twista and J got this right!!! J Crist’s new album is on itunes, downloaded yesterday! Shit is Real!! Can’t to see this dude blow up!!!

  • Phil

    Yo, this sh*t is sick!!!! This has got to be one of Twista’s tightest verses I’ve ever heard!!!! I just downloaded J. Crist’s cd from iTunes…these track are hot!!! Especially “Eye on the Prize”.

  • Z

    J came out hard as fuck on this track, fuck it, the album!!! Twista and J are straight killin em!!!!

  • kev

    I bet if Rocky would have trained to this joint he would’ve whooped Mr. T the first time…HA
    No joke if twista woulda had tracks like this on his album it probly woulda sold more
    Black Jason Murdered It!!!!!

  • pepe

    AMAZING TRACK! im sure ill hear you on the radio VERY soon!.

  • kemo

    ay homie came hard on this track….. didnt know twista still had it….

  • SP

    Was a pleasure to produce this. J killed it, and twista definitely went in.

  • DP

    FIRE!!!!!!!!!!! J spit sick! Twist did what he do. They got it in on this one!!!

  • Rob Villain

    Congrats to my mans and them, J. Crist for making an amazing album, and my dude SP KILLED this beat!!!!!!

  • Eddie96

    Shit is no joke! I fucks wit it.

  • SteveLow

    The dudes got skills….who the fuck is he???

  • trent t

    this j crist dude is legit…..i heard some of his other tracks on youtube…shit is pretty dope

  • elizabeth :)

    this song KILLS IT 🙂 i absolutely love it. and j. crist is pretty damn gorgeous as well

  • Annabelle

    “Gimme a Minute” is absolutely SICK. just ordered my J. Crist CD after listening to all his new stuff on youtube and Itunes. Cannot WAIT to see him blow up big. LOVING his songs. hes straight forward, no bullshit type of guy which is what we need more of, esp in the music business. most of his lyrical content is relatable to everyday life and situations. GOOD LUCK, GO BIG..CANT wait to here more from J crist <3

  • BIGgulp

    im likin this one. this is hiphop at its best! ya gotta be 100% bitch to hate on this one. sick ass beat along w superb verses make it “that shit.” hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband! cuz it looks like dude is about to be rape’n er’body up in here!!! u can run n tell THAT, HOMEBOY!!!

  • Annabelle

    SECOND that. extremely talented AND sexy

  • BrownSun aka (Nano)

    this is real music. cant wait till use come back to da chi. down to blow some trees


    That’s some “COLD BLOODED SHIT” J CRIST layed on that track… Twista’s verse was cool too… Keep it coming playa!!!!!!!

  • Nikigirllll

    My girl just told me to check out this hot new video! Lovin it. we need more music like this in chitown! keep it comin J Crist!!!

  • Mr Zquez

    Yo this joint is crazy, That kid JCrist spittin fire through out da whole album, nice new sound fa HIPIHOP… shout out to my dudes Sash Hollywood, G. and da whole camp

  • joe

    sick as fuck

  • Smashleyyyy

    heard your songs in my girl’s car. keep it up J. Crist!

  • Barrio

    This track is sick! Just picked up his cd on iTunes! Every song a hit!


    Liking this, production is great and the collab is dope

  • Drock

    Hey this chick from chicago told me to check out your shit man. this stuff is fuckin awesome man

  • justsayin

    This joint O.K. Twista goes hard on errthang he spit on….Real Talk. Dude decent too

  • jmantelify

    Give this guy a minute and check out this song… he’s pretty damn serious…

    “You’re looking at the Man of the Year”

  • Mike

    Serious track…straight banger. It’ll be on the radio soon.

  • Mike

    This shit is sick!!! J. Christ kills it!

  • Georgi Belvedere

    J.Crist is one of those cats that you’ll be proud to say you listened to today, when you hear his tracks in the club. I already hear this guy referenced by radio, internet, tv, conversations walking down the streets… This dude is gaining popularity before our eyes for a reason, his music is enjoyable to listen to (it’s raw).

  • D-Lo

    Cant even front… word play is crazy. That real muthafuckin hip-hop!

  • Al

    We need more emotion in music…. My man…. Keep doin your thang!!

  • greg

    this shit banging i fuck with it

  • YungReynolds

    I heard this dude on Shade45 couple weeks ago…i like this joint as well…High energy!

  • Mama

    New star is born. Keep up good work dude. I loe it

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