Derrick Rose Tapped For Biggest Adidas Marketing Campaign Ever

Andrew Barber

If it wasn’t enough beating the Kings by 40 points tonight, it was just announced that the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose has been tapped to be a part of the global launch of Adidas largest marketing campaign in the history of the company.  Sharing spotlight with the likes of Katy Perry, David Beckham and B.O.B., Derrick will be seen around the globe in Adidas’ first ever campaign to mesh their sports apparel brands with their more leisure focused products.  All he does is win.
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Rose, an MVP candidate, is prominently featured in the 60-second commercial that will launch the Adidas global campaign from the Sid Lee agency in Montreal. The global effort with the tagline “Adidas Is All In” is being billed as the biggest marketing campaign in Adidas history, though the amount being spent was not revealed.

Rose shares the stage in the debut spot with several other athletes and performers who have endorsement deals with Adidas, including soccer players David Beckham and Lionel Messi, pop icon Katy Perry and hip-hop artist B.o.B.

Like many of the TV spots from its arch-rival Nike, Adidas’ launch commercial is a fast-paced, slickly edited montage of imagery showing Rose and other star endorsers in action. A wide array of Adidas footwear and apparel is also on view as the spot zips along. In addition to the TV ads, Rose will be featured in new print ads that are part of the overall campaign.

You can catch the two minute spot above.


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    wow lil Pooh forom da southside for MVP!!!!!! dats wasup

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