Video: Sean Mac – City of Angels

Andrew Barber

Here we have DJ Sean Mac’s first short film, entitled City of Angels.  It appears he’s under the Rosewood act for this one, and even puts his twist on the Kanye mullet.  The short was written and produced by Sean Mac and was directed by Nic Collins & Ryan Farmer.  Moral of the story?  Look both ways before venturing down a dark alley.


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  • Joe Lean

    Nice job dude!

  • sampleking

    this video is dope but for a party? what a waste of time

  • Shag Biter

    This mutha fucka think he Kanye! That rose wood suit shit was lame when they did it & now this fool has the same haircut from 2 years ago. He looks like the new gay fish & his guys look lame as hell!

  • james

    they all should just call kanye and suck his dick…

  • sampleking

    i agree they are kanye dick riders


    I usually wouldn’t waste my time responding to ignorance for good reasons and I was once told never argue with fools because from distance you can’t tell who is Who. But I really felt the need to address JAMES/SAMPLEKING/SHAG BITER. First of all YOU took the time out your USELESS day to click on the video that nothing to do you and not only WATCHED IT but also made a comment. That only means to two things 1) you either a NOSEY mutha Fucka or 2) You really care about what MAC is doing!. If you fall in #2 section: you are right Kanye did have a Rosewood movement which inspired by the ROSEWOOD Civil rights Movement. Speaking as an African American he should be PROUD to be part of anything that was inspired by greatest! Further more there is nothing NEW under the Sun. So YOU should fellow the Path of GREAT People or would you rather he do a Video inspired by Lil boosie or Hurricane Chris? But to Call MAC a dick rider is like calling yourself a DICK RIDER for buying a pair Jordans, that the dude next to you got at the same time and you wore it on the same day. Or fucking a chick another nxgga fucked knowing he already fucked! YEA VERY SIMPLE MINDED! So if really care about what MAC is doing then RESPECT the fact that he is a Guy that is making his way out of nothing, he is inspired by GREAT people and his want to better himself!
    And fall in the NOSEY mutha Fucka section: Then SUCK A FAT BABIES DICK WITH AIDS ON THE TIP AND DIE SLOW!!

    With Style,

    • VideoMan

      you laid it out

  • VideoMan

    This is one cool shoot. Sean is the man. Why all the negative crap, just a good short & look. Keep up the good work. This is sheet!

  • ItsBeenOne

    i was waiting for it to have somewhere say “IT’S MAC BITCH”

  • LAN

    fuck it i’m just gonna say its me. all you haterz stop leaving negative comments. if i wanna bite kanye’s rosewood movement i’ll do it. and if i wanna bite his dumb shag i will. and if i wanna try to be a late in the game Blipster/fashionista/metro sexual I WILL. You don’t have to “Compete” when you move OUT the box. im done talking to you haterz i gotta get my korean massage and my nails did aww yea “ITS MAC BITCH”

    sean mac

    • nothpole

      THat Chicago … Heaters….Haters Watch Me A.O.N ft Wale

  • gijordan

    whats the name of the track at the end of the clip? sounds dope

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