Video: Wale Booed In Chicago

Ty Howard

Last night, Wale hit the stage at Alhambra Palace for Chicago’s edition of the Roc Nation x Heineken Red Star Access tour and the city definitely came out. After running through a few of his past hits, Wale decided to perform his current radio smash “That Way” with UCB vocalist Tre filling in for Jeremih. All was well until Wale spit the line from his second verse about Harold’s being overrated (“Then I’m back up on my plane, Chi-Town, O’Hare. We spend some time and get some wine, have some milds from Harold’s. I told her this here’s overrated, but I love your city baby”). The crowd instantly began to boo, but quickly recovered before Wale closed out the track and began performing “Pretty Girls” (which they absolutely loved). Apparently, Wale doesn’t care much for fried chicken. It’s deeper than Harold’s people. Hit the 1:52 mark to catch the boo’s.


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  • ChiCityColdCity

    LMAO!! Serves him right, Harold’s is an institution in Chicago. The best one is on 22nd and Wabash, but ya’ll already kno that…He better be happy he didn’t get hit in the head by a fruit punch Nehi….

  • Griffen Facemob

    yeah – the best one is not on Wabash, tho….

    • ChiCityColdCity

      Maybe you got some bad chicken, but the one on 87th and 22nd are the best. I’m sure thats the one you might be referring. They are owned by the same guy, Percy.

  • SouthSideOf TheGo

    Wale shoulda just said FUCK HAROLDS…..this shit is not that deep straight up. I know he treated Hustle Simmons ass though. I actually cheered for Wale when he said that line!

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Lol, if he would’ve said fuck Harold’s they would’ve sent it up. How could you say fuck harold’s but your name is “southsideof TheGo? It’s not about chicken dude. Harold’s was my first real job, I was 18 at the time, worked there for 2 and a half years and loved it. They even hire ex-cons, it’s always hard to find decent work if you have felonies. I even got one of my homies a slot with me. It kept us off the street and out of trouble. I got alot of pussy from working there as well, but thats a story for another time. I met a couple of celebs too, but I’m not into name dropping. All I’m saying is Harold’s is important to the Southside…

  • SouthSideOf TheGo

    ChiCityColdCity All that is great and that’s very understandable. I do agree that it’s a great establishment though. All Wale said was the mild’s from Harold’s was overrated just like people from out west think the same thing. I just really dislike the fact that everybody think u got to like every damn thing here because you from Chicago. I love my city, but for example i think 85% of the rappers here are trash honestly. All in all I agree with you on the establishment, but all dude said was it was overrated never mentioned it was whack, horrible, or the worse etc.

    • ChiCityColdCity

      True statement, respect.

    • RealkSpeak

      I had to chime in on that 85% statement because I feel the same way. People get backed out here due to relationships. I know networking is key BUT if we’re going to back all of the talent that could never make a push outside of chicago we’re making the city look bad and stopping any possible growth. I’m guilty of checking this site out pretty frequently to stay in tune but really even on here like 90% of what’s posted would get laughed at if submitted to some of the major blogs. Shits sad man….

  • ch55les

    I dnt give no fuck anythng being said negative about what’s in my city deserves to get booed up dnt disrespect u won’t gett what happend. Which was the outcome lmao

  • ch55les

    And o yeah fuck wale I love me sum harolds chicken

  • NEF

    I love my city as well. South side is where I grew up. But I must admit, Harold’s is not the same. But that Uncle Remus on the west side, still good. As far as rappers. Check out Chi-Town future:

    Download new mixtape, Lil NIkk N9ne – Back 2 The Future II

  • mikelove

    fried chicken & barack obama. the 2 things niggers in america love the most. if he’d said harolds & obama are overrated the beer bottles woulda been flying

    • Denski

      Im so tired of you court jesters making racial comments just to incite people. Let me still help you. Fried chicken is not an Afircan dish, it’s southern. We got it from Southern white folks. People ate chicken like crazy because it was always CHEAP. It’s more expensive now but still one of the cheaper meats you can cook and serve to group. Whatever race you’re supposed to be representing, your lack of brilliance aint making em look good.

  • Denski

    Real talk…I don’t care if people from out west call Harold’s weak everyday of the year. That’s alright though. It’s all love and I can get down on some Uncle Remus too. But this cat is from outta town and you don’t come to anybody’s house and get to runnin off at the mouth…IN THEIR HOUSE.

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