Mixtape: King Louie x DJ V-Dub – The Best Of…

Ty Howard

With Louie’s Dope & Shrimp on the way, it was only right that the new fans receive a proper introduction and the old fans get something to hold them over in the form of a Best Of tape. Originally, we here at FSD were going to put together one for everyone, but it seems DJ V-Dub beat us to it. Guess that’s why they call him the Mixtape Bully, huh? Ha! Anyway, hit the jump and get familiar with one of the Chi’s hottest right now and stay tuned for Dope & Shrimp, which should be impacting sometime next month.

King Louie x DJ V-Dub – The Best Of…


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  • Fraction

    V Dubb a fucking faggot. He supposed to be a stone and this nigga Louie always hollering die 5. Dumb ass nigga. V Dubb a bitch and the moes should kick his ass out the mob. Fuck louie and hoe city! Bitches. Brothas run the Chicago rap scene.

  • FoOfEmNoThumb

    Die 5 huh? NBS who cares? We grown now. Right?

  • Larro

    Niggas still that serious about gangbangin in 2011??

  • Fraction

    Them bitches shouldn’t be disrespecting the 5. Moes play a big role in the city. Respect it. Fuck V Dubb anyway for doing it. How can you respect or help out a nigga that disrespect you. Just think about it.

  • illgoboyz


    • Jbstone


      • Kam


  • Jbstone

    And what role is that? U got just as many folks putting on as brothers but that shit dead get money.

  • Real shit

    Name one GD that put on. L.E.P. Brothas, Bump was a brotha, Bo Deal a brotha, Sly P a brotha Crucial Conflict brothas, Snypas brothas, Twista a fake brotha, Do or Die Brothas, 89 Brothas, and the list goes on and on. I’m not gang banging because I fux with folks too but this Louie nigga is fucking up. If you want respect you gotta give it. It ok to represent your set but you don’t have to disrespect mine. All Mighty over here.

    • Hustle

      Man, shut the fuck up. You aint prolly aint one of the Brothers no way. The real Bro’s get money. Not hide behind a keyboard slandering a nigga wit talent. All of the people you name fuck wit Louie personally you dumbass. Stop hating and get in tune stupid. You prolly a fat kid wit low self esteem. and you too scared to be yourself in real life; so you talk big shit on blog sites. I dont rap. Nor did I mean for that to rhyme. But I hate coos like you. Louie next. So deal wit that shit. But show up and hate in person so we can fuck you up

    • diefive

      nigga pacman is gd barnoe

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Lol @ the Twista comment. Louie’s blantant disrespect of the multitude use to rub me the wrong way as well. But as men in this city and nationwide, we need to let that gang bangin BULLSHIT go!!! That shit hinders our growth and progress to become stable, productive citizens in today’s society. So Louie, if you are reading this, please tone it down a notch . Ninjas know how we get down in the Go. We are the originators, lets teach these kids how to get money (because thats what most of your listening demographic is anyway) not go to jail and kill each other. Peace.

  • Jbstone

    Ok for one what’s is glc,kanye,mikkey halsted,legendary traxster he still folks,king the hood savior rip,the Taylor boyz,da smart,parkay go ahead I’ll wait ……….I’m just saying.

  • Real shit

    Jbstone everybody you jut named fake as hell nigga. Not one of them niggas no real folks stop it

    • Hustle

      im gonna go ahead and say that Im dedicating a little personal time to finding out who you are. im not with having weirdos disrespect niggas i associate with. Im gon see you nigga

    • Bushwick

      WOW, ion know where yu wuz RAISED boi…..SMMFH

  • ChiCityColdCity

    ^^^^^^^This is true

  • imjustsaying

    payrOll…Cap..IM JUST SAYING..

  • imjustsaying

    I cant vouch for anyone but GL on that one…ask GEORGETOWN…oh yeah and REALLY DO is DEF born a GANGSTA….

  • ImJustSaying

    Taylor Boys ain’t fake @RealShit. Bennie Franks, Suave Da Lyricist, and 704 are straight from the Robert Taylors and people respect what they’ve done out here. I don’t know about Mikkey being Folks or not. King was one of the Folks and making moves out here. DP that does the chi city record pool is on olf the folks and so is Mello Tha Guddaman. I think the folks that’s apart of the music scene here don’t glorify the shit because they’re faithful the rule #1 of laws. #SomeShitAintMeantToBeSaid

  • Real shit

    King is the only one that was real man. Anyway this aint about folks and brothas this is about you can be what you are but respect everybody else. Other than that you are confining yourself to certain areas man. It’s stupid because you won’t be able to do shows or promote in certain areas because you don’t respect the masses. Bottom line is Louie is disrespectful and He not really that good. He is mediocre at best. Packman was the man over there because he had talent and he respected everybody once he got with the big homies lep. I love how Lep move, the rappers are brothas but they respect the folks and they have folks on the team. Bo Deal does those same thing that’s why those two groups prosper thru the city and is being looked at outside of chicago. Bump j and Sly P did the same thing. It wasn’t about gangs it was about being real niggas no matter what you are and that’s the truth.

    • OnMyMomma

      Chuuuuuuuch In my Bishop Don Magic Juan Voice

  • Trill

    Y’all worry about the wrong fucking shit. That’s why the industry don’t fuck with Chicago. That’s why chicago niggas get on and get gone, cuz of dumb ass niggas like y’all. 1st y’all arguing over who brothas and who folks, then who real and who not. Are y’all getting money? Or internet idiots…… I love chicag but that’s why I moved from that hating ass city. Niggas is lame and gangbanging is all they can hold on to.

  • bullshit

    this shit is just entertainment and controversy for this water-down ass site…you can’t even download the damn weak ass mixtape!


    Agree with Trill

  • Hustle

    You fag ass niggas. Put a up. Stop hiding behind a keyboard. Get in tune stupid asses. its clearly bout bettering the music scene in Chicago. Not gangbanging. But put some pics up. So we know who to fuck up

  • Real shit

    Hustle eat my dick and show your face faggot. I never heard Louie on a song with non of the niggas I named faggot ass dick rider. He weak as hell

  • War

    How the fuck yall gonna say it aint about gangbanging & gangbanging played out BUT the nigga YALL supporting gangbanging?! Thats ironic ass fuck 2 me.. lol..

  • webreakbread

    Let me know if you’re interested in wealth creation or learning how to earn compound interest on your money.

  • 6858

    Whoever that nigga REALSHIT is who said “NONE OF THEM NIGGAS IS FOLKS” ill put bread on yo head if you EVER disrespect KING and say he wasn’t real folk you’ll get your assed wacked WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUF that nigga died repping that shit your pussy ass aint wouldn’t dare reveal yourself and who you really are on here because if you do I swear to god you a dead mothafucka!

  • Jbstone

    @6858 fuck them Internet bangas that y I didn’t respond to them niggas the streets know what is is and who bout they shit r.I.p.king and what up to the rest of the folks. Dro city bitches.

  • Real shit

    6858 show your face bitch. You a hoe and you hiding who the fuck you is bitch. Don’t et yourself in no trouble faggot. I’ll tell you who and where I am if you tell me bitch

  • OnMyMomma

    Man chaley i fux wit Andrew Hard i fuckn Luv this site i check this MF like the Chicago Sun-Times the FUCKERY i read on FAKESHOREDRIVE is just amazing plus like DREW said people AND folks [NO Pun intended Lmao] it’s ONLY MF’s #OPINIONs about “THE MUSIC!!!!!” BUT THIS IS #CHICAGO & You WILL GET cho ass Killed 4 #OPINIONS…

  • OnMyMomma


  • GoonDaChiRilla

    A man fuck that GD/Moe Shit. Lou all about Kush and money you niggas tom bout goofy shit. Look at it like this folks fighting folks and moes fighting moes get y’all shit together



    • GoonDaChirilla

      this link works


    With all Do Respect Chicago’s Own YUNG – Youth.Under.New.Growth
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUiGsCyjoOQ REAL CHICAGO MUSIC

  • DeReal

    I grew up around the brothas ( abpsn to be specific ) ….. Mostly all of them have a cousin or brother that was folks …. Represent don’t disrespect …. You will be honored if you up keep it 100 at all times …. I guess things are different now but I grew up in the 90’s ….. Life was about taking care of your family by any means necessary ….. If Chicago can stand together we can do anything ….. We good at doing all types of shit not just killing and dissing … I’m happy for any brother or folk that makes it out the hood and put his team on …

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