Cover Art: Chief Keef & Soulja Boy – Sosa Soulja: The Mixtape

Andrew Barber

Keef has inked with SODMG and Soulja Boy — but  in what capacity, I’m still not sure. Is it a label deal? Or is it just a cosponsor type of thing?

Apparently Keef’s “chaining day” will take place any day now, but in the meantime the cover art for their collabo mixtape Sosa Souja has dropped. These two and their respective crews are already a few joints in, and at the pace these two record, I’d expect to see it sooner than later.


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  • Young Meezy Bee

    Look fake but if not it should b hard them my guys right there

    • LOL

      that’s because you’re a fag.. “meezy bee” FAAAGG!

  • Big Moe



    DUMB ASS ALBUM ART SAY’s NYPD ON THE CAR door … #fail … i bet they sound like two crackheads lmao


    lets be for real its obvious ANDREW was paid to promote him and louie heavy since when did Andrew even like hardcore rap? This site was mainly for the hip hop heads at one point now it’s going downhilll. It’s sad this site is dictating what’s hot in Chicago because he is missing on a lot of great artist that do have a buzz. What are some other great local blog sites? Someone please let me know

    • Chicago Loves You

      Go to
      Where they gave all artists a
      chance & No fakery is allowed
      over there

    • HU

      Go to They would never in their lives post some shit like this and pretend it’s hot. LMAO at the first comment on this thread. Even the dumb fucks who do listen to this shit wouldn’t say “them my guys”.

      • Andrew


  • Ak

    it is a cover….i wouldnt call it art…what is up with cop car though, I thought gangsters didnt like police why thats like Rick Santorum having a campaign poster with his face on food stamps

  • Glow Williams

    hey andrew Kill yourself!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    damn i’m tired of hearing about this nobody ass lame already. is he threatening to beat your ass if you don’t blog about him and his shitty music? WTF, where’s the real chi-town? Psychodrama, Snypaz, CWAL, L.E.P, Vakill, J.U.I.C.E.. fuck this GAY ass music.

    Oh and look at this FRUITY ASS, HORRIBLE LOOKIN COVER!! LMAO! His boo boo soulja boy with his arm around him. awww how sweet… fags! And ya spelled “The Mixtap” wrong, idiots.



    I think keef is threatening Andrew because im confused as in why out of all the people he can get behind he gets behind a little ashy terd that can’t rap. ANDREW what is wrong with you now and days dude? even if he is paying you you know from your experience he is not going to make it in the long run. You know a lot of hot artist you should get behind them why would you get behind a dude that faked his youtube views and wasn’t out here grinding that is a slap in the face to all the chi artist who have a internet buzz and street buzz.

    • LOL


  • timber swagin

    it over

  • ryan

    dam yall h8in as fuck i h8 soulja but i cant belive that any of you who r prolly sittin around bumpin sum french montana or shit , keef can rap maybe not the best but feelin you get when ridin to this shit cant b denied S/O TO THE REAL CHIEF BUMP J

  • mike

    Lmaoo. Mfs ugly af on here. Talkin about the cover art ndd shit. Go look back at Keefs mixtape covers they look some like this. Lame mfs. #SODGBEMG 2012 Soulja Sosa. Get money ndd stop hating broke ass niggas. !

  • Kalani KiddJordan

    Chief Keef and Soulja Boy will make good music , but Soulja Boy fits better where he was . Chief Keef and Lil Durk etc. started this kind of music . If it wasnt for them it wont be no music that talks about how real life goes . Also it gets people hyped . Some people like that kind of music .

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