FSD Feature: DJ V-Dub’s Top 10 Do’s & Don’t’s Of Approaching A DJ

FSD Staff

Words by DJ V-Dub (@DJVDUB)

The Mixtape Bully. The King of Cottage Grove. From flooding the streets of Chicago with his thematic mixtapes, to killing the airwaves on WGCI, to turning up for your favorite clubs – you know DJ V-Dub.

A living legend and pioneer, V-Dub has been in the game for years. He’s survived fads and fickle fans, and has continued to thrive throughout. With aspiring artists crawling out of every nook and cranny in the city, it’s only right that we feed you tips on how to correctly get your music to the DJs. Yes people, there are good and bad approaches, and a seasoned vet like V-Dub has seen them all.

We caught up with V-Dub for his  Top 10 Do’s & Don’t’s Of Approaching A DJ. Hip-Hop etiquette on the free from Mr. Woods.

1.)  DO NOT approach the DJ until you know his name. The correct one.

2.) DO NOT bug the hell out the DJ when he is working in the club. Your best bet is to ask him for his number or his email so you can talk later, if possible.

3.) DO NOT offer the DJ money to play your record in the club or on radio when you first meet them. Because most of them will take your money, but wont play it when you’re not around anyway.

4.) DO NOT call the DJ while you have the music blasting and you and the guys are smoking in the background. I will get off the phone ASAP. You think you’re cool but you’re not.

5.) My personal favorite: “Yo V-Dub, I don’t really be on that computer shit bruh, can I meet you on 87th, Dan Ryan to give you my CD?” With the writing on it in marker? No ninja! It’s 2012, learn how to use a computer and email it!

6.) DO try to meet a different DJ in the clubs every week. Get a number and email from them. Also, ask where he’ll  be DJing soon so you can come support. If it takes staying till the end of the party, so be it!

7.) DO put your music on a thumb drive, because when you see us DJing with a computer, it will be easier to play your music — if we decide too.

8.) DO offer the DJ your business card with all of the info to reach you: phone number, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

9.) DO make a list of all the DJ  you meet and get info from.

10.) DO ask at least five working DJs their opinion on your music before you go around saying” it’s your single” and “EVERYBODY is feeling it!”


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  • and I wonder

    He could have summed this list up to one sentence………….”Be Professional!!!”

    Black men in Chicago are just unprofessional PERIOD!! They dress like little boys, act like wild junior high kids, talk at a 4th grade level…..and act street in all situations. This is why mainstream world doesnt screw with black men….its time we make some adjustments here.

  • zgang


  • Chi

    And I Wonder…you just made yourself seem like the DUMBEST person on Earth right now.How do you decide ALL black men in Chicago are unprofessional based off just a few dudes you probably came in contact with..and even if you did (which I doubt), you just write all black male Chicagoans off as ignorant smh. The mainstream doesn’t “screw” with us but they sure know how to copy EVERYTHING we do. Hmmm.. “And I wonder” if that’s by coincidence huh? I’m not even gonna get all into it, but bottom line: Don’t EVER try putting all of us into your little box and labeling us all unprofessional. Now that’s ignorant as hell. And quite frankly it made you to come across as such…

    • and I wonder

      Point taken, and I apologize for the generalization…But from my experience I would say about 70% fit in this category….. there are some extremely well put together brothers in Chicago….but the majority are unprofessional and have the slightest clue. But I tip off my hat to those putting in effort to be professional and productive…now lets pull up the other 70% so we can compete out here with the rest of the world.

  • War089

    Thanx 4 clarifying and I wonder

  • War089

    Great list Vdub

  • bsfree

    I feel this list but half of these egotistical ass dj’s need to get shot the Fuck off they high horse!! First of all most of you dickriding niggas don’t support good chicago music, you rather play south niggas the whole party and kiss the outta towners ass when they come here, and stop playing chicago shit at the beginning or at the end of the club when everybody leaving, that’s not breaking a record!! And when a artist send you a record that’s hot play it don’t wait to you hear another dj play it and ride the wagon! Dj’s artists need yall just as much as much as yall need them, don’t you wanna break fresh music in to the game not just in yo city?? Lose the bitchassness ego’s please!!!!

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