Fatzmack x Katie Got Bandz – I Need A Lady Hitta

Andrew Barber


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  • Lady Balla

    I want someone who looks just like this guy to impregnate me so my kids can be named Daquan and Rokesha and go on to commit murder and sling dope. Also, I wouldn’t mind getting AIDS from this “rapper” since it isn’t as fatal as it used to be. I want him to call me “shawty” and “ma” and we can stay up all night talking about how he’s a balla and the black Bill Gates even though he has no clue what a Roth IRA is, doesn’t have a savings account, and has no education or steady income. I will be able to tell from his chain, shoes and rims that he is great with money and will be wealthy soon. Please impregnate me Fatzmack. Who wouldn’t want to be involved with someone named Fatzmack?

  • snapbackondatrack

    s?o djL,fatzmack,n Katie!!!DjL is da newest member of my production team Da Fanaticz,We workin!!!



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