P. Child (of C.O.G.) Sentenced To 50 Years For Sex Trafficking

Andrew Barber

Datqunn Sawyer, also known as P-Child, formerly of rap group Chilldrin Of Da Ghetto; was sentenced to 50 years today for the sex trafficking of minors. This marks the end to a shocking case filled with details grisly enough to turn your stomach upside down.

Says the Trib:

A convicted pimp was sentenced to 50 years in prison today for using violence and threats to force underage girls and vulnerable women to “walk a track” – slang for working as prostitutes on West Side streets.

The sentence was believed to be the harshest penalty ever handed down to a convicted sex trafficker in Chicago’s federal court.

According to prosecutors, Datqunn Sawyer will be 74 before he is released from federal prison.

A federal jury convicted him in November of sex trafficking charges.

Prosecutors said he victimized women and girls who were homeless, runaways or mentally ill. He enticed them with false promises of love but then quickly turned violent to keep them under his control.

One victim was only 12, and another still carried a teddy bear with her at times.

Three of the victims testified at the sentencing, recounting the physical and emotional abuse.

The woman who was forced into prostitution at 12 is now 19. Another who spoke had a child by Sawyer.

Sawyer cried as he told the judge he never knew some of the victims were underage. His supporters blamed the victims for Sawyer’s troubles.

Chilldrin Of Da Ghetto were signed to Mack 10′s Hoo-Bangin’ imprint in the late 90s and released one album nationally, their self-titled debut in 1999.


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  • Pig Dick Jones

    He’s outta there…

  • Hump Jones

    Burn in hell.

    Pro Tip: girls carrying teddy bears around are generally underage.

  • HU

    I wish there was a hell for this fool. Good fucking riddance.

  • Sanction Language

    This some SAD sick shit to hear of W.T.F…been happening & still is so we gotta take our streets back period

  • FYF

    This is a DAMN SHAME!…and his defense was..”I didn’t know they were underage”…Are you FUCKING serious? She carried a teddy bear around dumb ass…What did you think…you thought that she was trying to be provocative?…Well in jail they’ll make you carry a teddy bear famo.

  • Lemon

    Under Federal Law this POS cant get out until 2055. No wonder the pussy was crying durring sentencing. I trust the inmates will treat him with the same respect he had for the little girls who’s lives he ruined. Welcome to hell P-child.

  • ???????????

    So… No new COG anytime soon?

  • free p child

    He was dead wrong for prousituting them but the girls were already hos b4 they met him I use 2. See him and the girls use to ruñaway and come back a lot of it was lies but who is the system gonna believe the woman or the pimp 50 years udont get that for murder?????? Sad

  • free p child goofies

    man this some bs 50 years r u serious that’s crazy as hell them bitches been hoes walking the streets for money now wen a guy houses them bitches they want to turn on him and pull this bs free my nigga p child how u go give him 50 years i no people out of jail for murders how can u give him life bitches fuck the system

  • BGossitt a.k.a Boosie

    I see alot has been said about my bro which if u had sense u would know was not true. Me myself has never seen no underage chicks around him. People quick to judge and throw the book at him. But aint none of ya’ll ever had to walk that walk. We got people screaming CHUURCHH!! Making songs about it. But fam lived that life for real. These internet thugs get no respect. At All!!! Just know that the life is cut throat. Wither its the track, corner & alleys. And we play the cards thats dealt. Free P-Child!!! 1Huned

  • Phoxxy

    Man i was in that house and half those bitches wouldnt leave hoes were hoes before they came and had no where to go than they turn on him thats some bs faggot maggot punk ass bitches but karma a mf and i am and always will be his supporter so free my nigga P child

  • The girl next store A P-Child supporter

    I was around in even integrated at my home 1 year after I worked with Sawyer in like I til the hoe ass cops he’s not in the wrong for nothing when two people have a mutual agreement there’s no wrong done. We even became good friends in he never hit me so idk where all these horror stories came from. Fucked up mf gave him 50yr I still can’t believe this mess. In to everyone in this page you all don’t know the real storie I am now a RN at the hospital where I live in everything he helped me finically thro school in everything. Ya don’t know him trust… Miss you baby

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