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Andrew Barber

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FSD Beats sets out to build awareness of Chicago’s top up-and-coming producers — something we have an abundance of. No need to seek other cities for your sound — we have the cream of the crop right here.

We’ll be offering up new instrumentals from rising producers weekly — free of charge — for you to rock over (and so you’ll stop rapping over “Mercy”). If you like what you hear, please reach out to the beatsmiths to inquire about how you can work with them in the future. Got it? Utilization is key.

20-year-old producer, DJ L, is making a name for himself by working with some of Chicago’s best up and coming talents. L’s weapon of choice is FL STUDIO XXL. He also utilizes the sounds of the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine, and other Virtual Instruments in a fashion the original models were never intended for. He started making beats at age 17 for local artists on the Eastside, and it was during this time in which he developed his sound. L is also a passionate percussionist (keys and drums) and is a full-time student at University Of Illinois/Parkland College.

He’s worked with everyone from King Louie to Fatzmack to Katie Got Bandz, and today he offers up “The Vatican.” Sacrelig? Nah, never that.

[Click To Download DJ L’s Instrumental]

Bonus: DJ L talking production


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  • mike g

    thats not a video of him making a beat its just him talkin

  • ManJoe

    I dont trust any producer who wears Beats by Dre.

    • Sened


      • DJ L Beats

        i share ur humour

  • O-Blocks Finest

    wanted to work with him until i saw his twitter. terrible ego

    • DJ L Beats

      i have no ego i just believe in my craft bro maybe i might be a little over zealous at times but im committed to becoming the best…..period

  • veresa

    that beat is nuts!!!!1 #verytalented

  • guccigodmick

    ego or not this kid has something special listen to the beats and not the tweets shoutout to dj lss

  • koddle

    damn drew you keep finding the young gunners huh lol he nice on the tracks though

  • DJ L Beats

    this is DJ L thx you all for the support and critiques #muchluv 2 all yall #ItsALBeat

    • chad banks

      bro i love yo fucking beats my nigga keep up the work

  • Pig Dick Jones

    Track is a lil to plain bruh, but keep grinding

  • DJ L Beats

    no doubt

  • Pops Shmuck

    You shouldn’t tell people you make beats on Fruity Loops cause it already sounds like you do. Real amateur sounding production.

    What makes you different, there’s nothing special about your production cause no one will ever listen to your stuff and think “How did he do that” because you sound isn’t original

    • DJ L Beats

      nothing positive to say huh?? #typicalhater

      • Pops Shmuck

        Calling you amateur is positive, means you got work to do. Saying anything other than that would just be gasing you up, Im keeping it real.


    Keep up the good work Bro, I met you when u was at siu, I see the southside and the east side of the chi is doing big things. Stay tune for the west side . …

  • Genius


    no disrespect to bro but im from the chi and my beats are better!


    • drillsargent

      hell naw boy u weaksauce…..L the truth

  • Korda

    Cooley Chi Im In It (feat. MannyG) [Prod.Tha Kid DJ L] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmNkICzjtJs&feature=relmfu

  • mistrobeatz

    im rocking with Dj L he got some heat

  • Twilla

    Wus yo e-mail L’s mufuckas tryna buy some beats from u

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