Video: Pha’Tal f/ Chief Keef – F*** Around

Ty Howard

Directed by Morocco Vaughn. Produced by Young Chop.

Pha’tal and Chief Keef’s recent collaboration first appeared on first installment of the New Chicago mixtape series, but is now here in visual form. Missed the mp3? Grab it here. This track is way too tough.


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  • no pain no gain

    Great. Another rapper who gets a chief keef feature..a young chop beat and thinks he’s gonna top the charts! lol smh..u have to be innovative and stand on your own sir.

    but hey its your career…i guess u said it best…Fuck around if u want to,ha!

  • notsobad

    Its not the best nor is the catchy but he isn’t as bad as alot of these niggaz I heard. If u get Keef on a joint right now (given that its 10k for a feature) U better be shootin for a radio buzz. Don’t waste it on a joint like this. I know Phatal didn’t pay that tho. This applies to anybody getting Keef for a feature in the future. Use his verse the right way. Don’t waste 10k my nigga

  • nurse betty

    To comment on the two people above, It seems to me dude mad bcuz cheif Keef won’t call him back but he’s on your track ha,ha,ha,ha that rhymed lol If you know your shit then you would know that Cheif Keef has his boyz Lil Resses,Lil dyrke and fredo on featured on most of his songs and they all got record deals not to mention Kanye west and Jada kiss so don’t get it twisted. There are a lot of artist who had known celebrities feature on their songs before they were known or noticed for example; The Game who 50 cent was on his first song b4 anybody knew who he was,snoop had Dr. Dre and so on. What you dont know is these guys are from the same neighborhood with the same drive and ambition and if he wanted to put Cheif Keef on his song so dam what!!! The song is hott!!! If Cheiff Keef/Future/2 chains was rapping this same song you would be the first thirsty nigga tryn to boot leg the album so beat it with the bitchazzness./hatin

    As for not so bad, you are intitled to your oppinion. However, me too. I think it is very catchy. Majority of the rappers who songs you hear on the radio original version is with the cursing they just redo the song for the radio. Pha Tal Hott song looking forward to seeing you at the BET awards and make sure you tell no pain no gain “Features get you Famous” BOOM!!!!!!

  • Sleep G

    I like this fam! Real Chi shit gone always be hot!! Shout out May Mob!

  • no pain no gain

    @nurse betty is the Fraternity’s gangbang whore or some intern for Skee ….Beat it

  • Shitgetsreal!

    @nopainnogain keep Skee name out yo mouth Fam cus niggas die for less! Fucking anonymous ass faggot be a man.

  • dj100kid

    wack song and video ……stop putting that ugly chick in y’all video dancing….smh



  • WayTooGone

    @nopainnogain U must know Pha’tal and Skee personally hatin ass nigga!! Skee must ain’t put u on none of his shows!! Stop hating u crybaby ass bitch….Find a new hustle obviously rapping wasn’t it cause u ain’t out here in it…. man the fuck up and admit that Pha’tal and Chief Keef out here in it doing they mf thang! This shit hot… Point blank period! Shout out to every rapper in the Chi puttin in work! Clearly no pain no gain was thirsty as hell to see the video cuz he def was the first mf to comment and came back to reply to a comment somebody else wrote!! U def have no time on ur hands! U a Pha’tal fan too bitch! The Fraternity GBE Click Clack Blaat….it’s Noodlez!!!!

  • reppinchitownbytch

    @nopainnogain you betty wright soft @ss Hating @ss nigga. oh let me guess?????? you think you can spit better? man learn how to swallow u faggot ass nigga. quit dick riding. get use to hearing pha’tal name bytch. mighty funny you claim the shyt wasnt hot yet above^ you quoting lyrics.. hatervill is where they do that at. standup chi town that shyt went hard… crybaby wanna feature awwww dick riding wont get you there bro. stop it we dont fuck around hahaha (inmypha’talvoice) who mad???? dam that fuck nigga above^ mad.


    im with it 100% bro fuck the opps!, me and phatal been working non stop together, a lot of hot new shit about to drop

  • nursebetty

    @ No Pain ok It’s obvious. You on some personal shit….. BUT YOU CAN FUCK AROUND IF YOU WANT TO!!!! I wonder which part of my satement pisst you off??? I think it was when I said “cheif Keef/Pha Tal won’t call you back” lol

  • Yaya white Ft Fredo Santana
  • illgobehaviorchitown

    fuck the haters im in dallas bang bangin this shit in the ride

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