Chief Keef’s Finally Rich Sells 50K Its First Week

Ty Howard


Official numbers are in and it looks like Keef’s Interscope debut will pull in 50,000 its first week. HitsDailyDouble originally reported that the album would sell between 50-55K, so the official numbers weren’t too far off.

Fun fact: Finally Rich has sold more copies in its first week than Waka Flocka’s Flockaveli and Future’s Pluto — two debut albums that Keef’s LP has been compared to consistently. Finally Rich is in stores now.


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  • runsDLS

    Wow, those numbers are sad. So much hype over nothing. All the “industry” people were wrong after all.

  • get yo life

    UM so proud ov u chief keef, I dnt kno u its jus feels so good to see one ov our youths to make it out the hood. It’s so sad that the ppl frm ur city hate that u made it. Ur young talented n creative. I kno ppl that been rappin fo years n still havnt made it but I guess wat god has fo u is fo u. Congrats on ur journey to success..

    • Keef’s Chief

      Please, I beg of you, stay in school.

    • wow

      Man a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Reading is very important. Creative and Talented…SMH



  • runsDLS

    the fucked part is, TI had shitty promotion from his label and the man is pretty much a vet at this point. TI has peaked some time ago. His budget was no where near Keef’s. And yet he managed to trounce Keef quite handily in sales despite not having the same budget or hype as Keef. For damn near a year it seems the local media/blogs have jammed this kid’s music down our throats. We were made to think that a movement was really taking place. Instead, we get this piddly shit in the end. First it was tyler, then Mac Miller, then Lil B, Kreayshawn and now it’s chief Keef. You really have to wonder what the fuck is internet buzz REALLY worth?

    • eH

      ^mac miller was able to sell 100,000 albums independently

    • 2-7-4-14

      Fuck u dummy folks go in sneak dissin dhats dat sht I dnt like

  • Sad

    So much for FSD promoting this guy. 50K? That’s sad! hahahahaha

  • D.Scott

    Not bad for his debut, though.

  • runsDLS

    it wouldn’t be a bad debut if this were a lower level young money affiliate or maybach music group member who got little promo. But it’s a weak showing for someone who’s been pumped up for a year already. A month ago FSD was saying he was kicking the industry’s door down and taking shit over. Now they’ve downgraded his career to a slow crawl to becoming a some what success. That’s a major drop. No disrespect to FSD because we all drank the kool aid too. I’m just saying. A lot of people have to be disappointed.


    That’s great a teenager from south side Chicago made millions off his trap music because most rappers are rapping for free or can’t get a paid feature or show

    • chitownkrazy

      made millions???!! Are you serious or just seriously fucking RETARDED!?

  • Corny Ray Finlayson

    Yeah, but has anyone LISTENED to the unbelievably lame beats and raps(which are not raps, they are borderline mentally retarded chants about dick, nigga, fuck , shit, and smoke)? Didn’t think so. This is all paid-for media hype of utter bullshit. Keef has NO SKILLS OR TALENT OR CREATIVITY. He is a corny product to be sold to complete idiots who probably can’t spell their own names.

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