Video: J.D. Walker – Enemiez

Andrew Barber

Chicago O.G. J.D. Walker is back after a hiatus to reintroduce himself in the rap landscape. He’s back like he left his keys. Check his new video above.


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  • Tha Truth

    ????? Straight up payola to get this video up here….can you send me your rates?

  • Prez

    How can you disrespect the legend JD like that? He is a Chicago legend and pioneer.

    • Tha Truth

      Your right homie, he is a legend/pioneer, BUT my comment has nothing to do with his status/accomplishments. I’m saying it’s not a good SONG at all. The beat is horrible and the song is boring. No effort was put in the video what-so-ever. My comment is directed at the fact that the FAKESHOREDRIVE staff is extremely biased towards up-and-coming artists. You proved my point by saying “He is a Chicago legend and pioneer.” The only reason this video was put up is because of what he WAS. I can name tons of artists in this city that have great music, with great visuals, BUT they won’t even get a mention. FAKESHORE could of used this space for someone that put alot more effort. They could have picked a video from that “maybe” folder. Sorry, but to get off subject, FAKESHORE is straight up biased towards other ethnicities. You mean to tell me in the whole state of illinois, Black people are the only people putting out good music? What about white artists?, hispanic artists?, asian artists? etc. etc. I know this sounds racists, but by all means i’m not fam. I have no problem with the black community, but my issue is with FAKESHOREDRIVE passing up good music. Why can’t they push artists like The Money Team, the way they push King L? Why can’t they push artists like Scheme, the way they push Naledge? I understand that Hip Hop started as BLACK MUSIC, but that was years ago. This is 2013 baby, everybody is a fucking rapper. I’m not saying put EVERYONE on, but dam, give someone a chance because they got talent, not just because of skin color, legendary status, or affiliation. And if it is a question of PAYOLA, i think FAKESHORE should stop being a punk and put up the rates, the way WORLDSTARHIPHOP does. At least their straight forward about it.

      I honestly get asked about how to get featured on Fakeshoredrive all the time. I tell them to submit a link, but that process needs to get restructure drastically. So many artists get frustrated because they send links and don’t get put on. Maybe if FAKESHORE would start responding to all emails saying, “Hey, This is not good, try again”, they would probably start getting better material. They would probably stop crying about getting dumb submissions. I remembered they posted a article on “How to get featured” on the blog. I thought it was a complete waste of time because if they just send responses, no one would flood their inbox. Responding to emails is quick and easy. Shit, ill do that for free

      Dam, lol

  • J.D.Walker

    Salute to Fakeshoredrive for the love!!

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