Que BILLAH x GemStones – KKK [Kids Killing Kids]

Andrew Barber


Fed up with the senseless violence plaguing the city of Chicago right now, Que and Gem, two of the more outspoken emcees in the city, speak up on the kids caught up in the mix. This is a very fragile subject, so I’ll let Que speak his mind:

We have just witnessed one of the greatest acts of injustice in American history but we have an ever bigger problem at hand. In inner cities all across American Trayvon is killing Trayvon,Black on black crime. If we don’t love respect and protect each other, how can we expect America to protect us against the Zimmermans of this world.


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    definitely speakn the truth and messages like this r needed in todays hiphop but ummmmm this shit wack point blank absolutely no interest in hearing this again would appreciate all copies were destroyed leaving no possibility of me hearing this again …….on another note Gemini was da shit GemStones though #epicfail / #blewapromisingcareer ……….


    oh yeah respect to cover artwork …… KKK kids killing kids is probably the label on some CIA file somewhere stamped project successful…….still bad music fellas ……..on the Brightside if this was good musically u would only get black balled like DEAD PREZ

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