The Best Chicago Rap Songs Of 2013 (So Far)

FSD Staff


Words by Tyrine Howard (@TYKIDD), Alexander Gleckman (@andfeedingyou) and Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive)

With all of the press and media attention Chicago Hip-Hop received in 2012, many thought the scene would fall off and dry up completely in 2013. All hype, no substance some claimed. The good news, however, is that those claims were unfounded. Chi rap came back stronger and introduced a whole new crop of talented artists in 2013.

Last time we brought you a ‘best songs list’ (other than our Songs Of The Week, of course), was at the very end of 2012 when we rolled out our hulking 100 Great Chicago Rap Songs Of 2012 list. Well, we can assure you our mid-year 2013 list won’t be quite as daunting. Fewer picks, but more punch. At least we like to think so.

We limited this list to one song per lead artist. Hit the jump to check it out. Read, share, discuss.

*All songs are in alphabetical order

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  • TJ

    No Lupe – Jonylah Forever?

  • Joel

    That’s got to be Billie Holiday’s version, not Nina Simone’s.

  • shramp

    Actually, the claims WERE founded. The Hype came with Chief Keef’s rise to stardom and died when his album flopped. The artists who got signed (most of whom are GBE) either got shelved by a label or is in jail.


      yeah I have to agree somewhat Lil Reese is definitely never comen out on def jam his mixtape last year was a classic but everything after has been terrible im mean terrible like he forgot how ta rap…..same wit SD he fell off quik ….Fredo a cool nigga but we know dat boy hot garbage on the bar and flow side….Chief Keef I fux wit still love macaroni time and its over but all that auto tune shit and that shit wit Zay garbage hope he doesn’t continue to go in that direction #fail if he does he still winning for now but I gotta bad feeln …….YP was nice somewhat overhyped and has been…..well just been since he got deal…..Rockie Fresh may have the best situation but I doubt he blow jus more of a Stalley type roll on MMG (hey better than Pill)……WTF happened to mic terror treated crew, Sly Polaroid, Butta Da Prince, Broadway, Caliko, Lungz, Marvo(song wit future bangin but only played by Pharris #fukchicago radio , Mikkey Halsted , Boy Illinois, TSU, Chinchilla Meek, Fable, Scheme, etc……all artist who have been hyped up at some point all for nothing . some of the above artist have bars, some got hooks, some got the look some have it all……..But to this day except Kanye nobody has charisma, flair, showmanship, Chicago artist give the worst interviews I sware LACK OF CHARISMA is why Twista (rap legend no doubt but….) neva became a superstar or megastar even respect to all hes accomplished but if he wasn’t such a swagless lump on a log he would have went way further #realtalk………..niggas is boring and not entertaining ……

      • #onyomama

        phuckk yo couch niiiiigaaaaaa……!

      • Part of the over hype is the city fault some of the artist who have all of that are being blackballed in the city. The wack artist are thriving because they don’t oppose a threat to people money. Think about it if more talented, well packaged, and developed artist started getting they credit and shine then Chicago would be okay, but their not. Chicago is a big MONOPOLY right now a lot of HIGHER ppl have their own artist they are trying to push so anybody that comes along that’s hotter then theirs they are blackballing. A lot of them have clicked up with eachother and paid eachother off it’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes that is horrible. FAKESHORE is apart of the corruptness they are being paid to keep a few artist off this site as well. Fakeshore is the gateway to the industry for chicago artist so they are keeping a few artist off of this site until the one’s they are behind make it.

      • REALITY

        very accurate and well said …shit been like dat since S.A.W.(soldiers at war days) every last song and artist and song they put out was THE ABSOLUTE WORST EVER never met anybody in CHICAGO industry or indastreet that didn’t agree but everybody knew who the where they was on every other corner wit the cd and them orange ass shirts at all the events and concerts deep as hell songs on radio (nighttime but that was major back then no social media youtube etc} but General Wu or wah whoever dat big nigga behind them was wouldn’t fuk wit nobody but his rappers(all wack) imagine if all those resources where put behind actual talent Chicago scene woulda been poppn……..or them on my mama niggas dunn ruff or wutever they paid for all them spins had plugs thru that dj nigga made Freaky MFs paid ta get on 106 n park pushn out a group that wasn’t payn but lined up for it and went nowhere cus them niggas was garbage ended up be tax right offs for universal I remember correctly


    lil durk prob gone get shelved to there is an over abundance of average autotune rappers out there without the drama labels don’t have time for #jussayn


      hellllll yeah (dr dre voice) …let us pray this fuckin degenerate gambler(watchn goodfellas) I mean rapper gets throat cancer from them squares he smoking and has to have voice box removed…….who the fuck is these clowns is this from the 90s ol Bottoms Up Posse, Dayton Family, fake BONE, Top Authority , wanna b niggas again wft was this ol CooCoo Cal ass nigga ….I would rather listen to Hi-C “leave my curl alone” on repeat for a year than to hear this for 30 sec in paid research group FOC


    and shit like CHI BLIZZ (wanna b rapper) tryn ta charge mf’s a stack to get on raw radio thirsty broke ass niggas either that or they gone want some beats for they wack ass shit …Seandale playing his weak as songs and his boys garbage on repeat all night when u supposed to b supportin up in comers with hot or at least decent shit ……..luv to all artist putn out shit (more than a couplesongs) I could fuk wit Keef, LEP, Chance, FREDDIE GIBBS(fuk it gibbs been droppn heat nonstop and live up to and beyond all hype that nigga spittn and maken bangers ESGN go hard) bottom line its a lotta lackluster movements that be gettn hyped up word 2 CTC crazy last year ….respect to KING L as well he going in …..Yung Berg still putting in work n still one of the best from here but that petty shit got niggas haten 4ever same wit CAP 1 lotta hate in these streets for him but he been and still spittn heat sooooo.


    lol my lil homey jus pointed out this nigga aint even rhymn’ lol wtf ……cmon son if master p can make Shorts and Heart rhyme u certainly could have rhymed more words than u did sir if any …….master p ref. ie “Time Check My Crackhouse” (loved that fckn P album)

  • shramp

    Chicago Hip Hop lacks imagination, personality, charisma, flare. All the shit an artist needs to pop. Doesn’t help that every rapper likes to switch up and copy what the next man is doing. Trying to blend in instead of standing out is not the move. I ain’t an industry cat or anything but I don’t have to be to know when something is doomed to not succeed. And shit, all the industry people in tha Chi predicted Sosa would take over and look what happened.

    • brilla

      keef is too busy rappin glike gucci mane’s washed up azz. Durk probably got a good chance to go far as long as he stays outta jail.

      But I agree, too many Chicago rappers try to blend in instead of stand out, even when they have their own style.

  • shramp

    Swag and trap shit is so fucking bland and boring now. I’m talking nation wide too. Can we get something new? Hip Hop gets into these slumps where it play the fuck outta trends.


      wtf so I come back n these clowns den multiplied overnight like some lil gremlins #itsmoniggasdatraplikedis wtf who was the second fu lil mf wit no eyes funny body muhhh look like he was born n raised next to a nuclear reactor ………wtf is this shit at the end with th e gas can Im lookn at as I type “and im bout ta smoke a square”

  • Chi-Town WolfPack (@ChiWolfPack)

    Check us out, Joe! #SupportTheCrib We ain’t on all that goofy sh*t. We just tryna get f*cked up Kick It! @ChiWolfPack

  • woowoo

    Money Boo is one hottest rappers in chicago he rap and sing his own hooks and he been rapping since november 2012 so he still a baby in this game but the nigga got a voice youtube
    this nigga nice.

    • David Johnson

      I agree. But I believe Gzus Piece also has platinum potential.

  • Uptown Cat

    Chicago still has put out some of the best underground stuff out there: Typical Cats, Qualo and the Movement, Qwaazaar, EC Illa, the Cool Kids, Add-2, Que-Billah, Lid Law from Jrunk Unklz, DJ ALO, and the list keeps going. You just have to dig for the good stuff. Mainstream has been played out since ’95 so the underground is keeping real hip hop alive in the ‘Go

  • Mr. Nobody

    And what about this chicago artist?

  • Soulo_Ho3 (@JayCeeDaKid)

    they didnt put Mick Jenkins on here

  • elloski
  • WhittneyL

    Female Artist/Producer on A Rise

  • Perpetual Rebel

  • MS C.C.
  • elloski (@dopeman59534463)
  • elloski (@dopeman59534463)
  • elloski (@dopeman59534463)
  • elloski (@dopeman59534463)
  • elloski (@dopeman59534463)

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