Hotstylz – Rap Fraud (Eminem Diss)

Andrew Barber


Hostylz is not happy with Eminem. A few weeks ago, when Em’s lyrically dazzling “Rap God” dropped, many were happy to hear Em borrow a few bars from Hotstylz 2008 hit, “Lookin’ Boy.” Marshall put his spin on their flow, and gave his own rendition of the track.

Well, today the trio has released an Eminem diss track called “Rap Fraud,” which takes aim at Marshall for not giving them their proper credit in the credits of the Marshall Mathers LP 2. Here, Hotstylz take a few shots at the Rap God by jacking a few of his beats. Round one.


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  • Sean Kirkman

    R.I.P – Hotstylz

  • Ivy

    “What kind of name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III?” Says the group named Hotstylz

  • Nick Goodall

    i hope they enjoyed their careeer while it lastedhaha

  • chadi

    -_- You have no style , nothing ! That’s crap , moquing someone’s name -_-
    and you dare compare yourselfs to Em’ , y’all suck my dick , Make better music than him and I take back my words , otherwise keep on sucking dicks

  • Anthony

    You guys are terrible… You guys are just haters & will never have a career…. I hope the rap god humiliates you bitches

  • steve p bytch recognize

    wtf is this shyt.. st8 up whack.. hot stylz aint so hot and as for style there is not one. I think he took ure song to make fun of u lames.. this here wasn’t even a comeback. mostly just jibberish. half of it made no sense. you guys suck and like the guy said up above rip hotstylz

  • g

    may the rap god have mercy on there souls

  • Koba KarƎli

    round one? come on, there won’t be more, i don’t think Shady gives a fuck about some bitches who wanna be famous

    • Marshall Bruce Mathers III

      Bitch I didn’t even listen to this shit
      Just by their faces I realized it ain’t worth it.
      Plus my name’s fucking amazing

  • wwu

    These bums respond to the highlight of their career(lol) by trying to dis fukin clowns hostylz been putting out garbage since day one u should b happy he acknowledged yall wack ass fuckin bums STAY IN YOUR LANE aka Weird Al Jankavics rear view #clowns kill ya self

  • Steev Are

    this is the worst diss i’ve ever heard in my life..

  • Shawn Hopkins

    Worst fucking diss I’ve ever heard in my life. May the rap god have mercy on your souls. Em, show these fake motherfuckers.

  • Andrew S.

    Lol! Its two other MF walking around with that name! Lmao!!

  • Johnny

    this shit is boo boo period

  • Jo Smooth

    This is horrible

  • The G man

    You call this a diss? Sounds like Shit to me, probably cause you guys are Shit,and to be honest the name Hotstylz Is something that 3 SWAGFAGS would name their self which you probably are. And also if Eminem makes a rap dissing about you guys,I’m sure it’ll be something much much better which always is and he will own your stupid asses very badly.

  • Walnutz

    All these comments are from pathetic feminem fans. Its cute that you wanna call him your rap god, but really he’s just vanilla ice with mommy and daddy issues. I could give a fuck about hotstylez, but they made your master look like a hoe without even trying.

  • Don

    Talk about using a famous person’s name to get attention….

  • CJ

    So they wanted an extra 15 mins of fame at someone else’s expense. Don’t expect $8 million dollars for a song that grossed less than $150K in your so called career. This so called diss track is whack as f*ck!
    “8 Mile isn’t in Detroit” need to go back to school lookin boy. TRASH

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