Video: “The One Minute Show” With John Monopoly

Andrew Barber

The premise behind this new Mass Appeal interview/video is segment is pretty funny, but dude hits Monop with the on-camera curve before the getting even gets good. Thankfully though, there’s a full accompanying interview that lives on the page where Monop talks about his latest ventures, including working with Dreezy.

A: I know we cut you off on The One Minute Show, but can you please talk about Dreezy?

JM: Dreezy is an incredible new artist from the south side of Chicago; a hard MC, great lyricist, she also sings, and has great melodies as well, so she’s a double threat, and she’s coming! She is very young, but she is aggressively one of those new talents out of our part of the country and out of the Midwest that a lot of people are checking for. It’s refreshing, what she is doing. I think a lot of people are caught in one side of the rap stuff that’s coming out of the city. To see an emcee, and a female at that, it’s a fresh perspective. She’s the hardest female rapper… when she raps with the intensity she does, it feels like she’s not rapping at other females if that makes sense. I feel like she’s really going at dudes. I think it stands out, and that’s why you have people co-signing from Fabulous to Common. She has all these people reaching out because she is so lyrically potent and she is just an incredible emcee.

Dope things ‘pon the horizon it sounds like. Hit the MA site for the full interview.


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