Bump J Releases A New Record “Party, Pack & Fly”

Andrew Barber


Despite rumors, the legendary Bump J isn’t quite free. Not yet at least. Not technically. But there’s movement. The streets are talking, and rumors are swirling. I can feel his presence looming. He’s close. He might even be watching. After eight long years, he’s about to touch the streets again. He’s ready to return for what’s rightfully his — he can almost touch it.

The hiatus has been far too long, and the people have been waiting on some brand new Bumpy for damn near a decade. Well, the good news is that we have a world premiere of something hot off the presses from the undisputed Chief of Chicago. Enter “Party, Pack and Fly,” his first NEW release since November of 2008.

The quality isn’t 100, but it’s as good as you’re gonna get given his current circumstances. The best news? Bump hasn’t lost a step on the mic. Not at all. He’s still sharp as a tack. It’s like he was frozen in time. The flow, the patterns, the punchlines, the wordplay — he’s still the Chief.

“Summertime at the crib, wintertime under palm trees/Racin’ private jets, yeah I bet I beat you to Palm Springs”

Yes, that’s that classic braggadocios Bump — and this track is littered with his patented shit talk. He’s almost home. Consider this a warning shot. Enjoy “Party, Pack & Fly,” live from the Feds or wherever he might be.

More information coming soon. The second coming is here.



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