Proper Way of Storing Your Violin

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It’s important to properly take care of stringed instruments, especially violins. They require special safekeeping in order to maintain their sound and top shape. After all, a violin is a valuable investment you should not ignore. So how do you store your violin to keep it in perfect condition all year round?

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Like any other equipment, musical instruments also need regular maintenance. This will help you make your violin sound even better through the years while prolonging their mileage, especially the strings. Neglecting maintenance duties can lead to serious issues, like wear and tear.

Proper maintenance also helps in keeping the fullness and resonance of tone. If your violin is not in its top condition, it can affect the sound and playability of the instrument. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you avoid maintenance issues with your violin:

  • Store your violin in a hard case. Professional violinists understand how important it is to protect musical instruments from potential damage. Purchasing a quality violin case is important to make sure that the violin will be protected from scratches.
  • Do not put your instrument near a cold place, especially the fireplace. The wood materials easily get affected by harsh conditions.
  • Don’t apply too much rosin, only an adequate amount is enough to create the right friction. When you put too much, it will create rosin cloud which can lead to buildup over time.
  • Wiping off the strings, body, and other parts of the violin with dry cloth should be done on a regular basis. This removes excessive rosin which can affect the condition of your instrument, especially the sound.
  • A daily upkeep must include regular cleaning, peg replacements, seam separations, soundpost shifts, and string and bridge replacements.

When traveling, make sure to prepare your hard case. Clean everything and remove any unwanted items inside the case. Treat your violin like a sensitive pet that needs regular checking.

Additional Tips

Do not expose your instrument to too much humidity and temperature. Always keep it in a cool dry place to keep the wood material from wear and tear. In addition, insulate your violin from constant weather changes in order to maintain its sound quality.

For extra protection, you can use a silk cover so that you can prevent your violin from contracting or expanding. Caring for stringed instruments is not an easy task. You need to exert a little more effort in making sure that your beloved violin is in good shape. If you want to improve your violin-playing mastery, sites like Fiddlers Guide are incredibly beneficial. 

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