Wolverine’s Superhero Playlist

Andrew Barber

As one of the strongest X-Men Superheroes, Wolverine gains his power from three retractable metal claws in both hands. Paired with his keen animal senses, enhanced strength and regenerative healing capabilities, he has proven worthy in tracking and battle. While he’s known as an anti-hero who spends most of his time brooding, he springs into action when necessary, fighting with little hesitation, laser-like focus and deadly force.

While we would like to assume that Wolverine would enjoy listening to something like Spice Girls or Britney Spears, we can’t just assume that this superhero would be ok with just any bubble-gum pop. Due to his brooding nature, we sense he’s more of an alternative rocker who enjoys slow-ballads with aching lyrics. Here are the top five songs that you’d most likely find on Wolverine’s iPod.

Sheryl Crow: First Cut is the Deepest

Just like anyone who has faced him before, anyone who knows Wolverine as a character would agree that the first cut is always the deepest. With indelible strength and retractable claws, the Wolverine inflicts deadly damage on his foes. As such, we think that this song not only describes his character, but he’d also relate well with the message.

While various artists have covered this song, we think the Wolverine would most likely enjoy the original by Sheryl Crow.

A-Ha: Cry Wolf

In the wild, the Wolverine’s biggest rival is the wolf, and we all know that he keeps his friends comfortable, and his enemies close. The song “Cry Wolf” by popular Norwegian pop group A-ha features lyrics that evoke an uncertain and wild world filled with darkness, longing, and betrayal – a world that would be familiar with Wolverine.

AC/DC: Highway to Hell

Named after the wolf, a solitary creature with a spitfire personality and known for its ferocity and strength. There’s no doubt that this track by the metal rockers AC/DC would be among the top song on Wolverine’s playlist. This song would be among his top 5 songs thanks to his love for open road and fondness for destructive behavior.

Nine Inch Nails: Hurt

With a name such as Nine Inch Nails, it’s given that their songs would pique the Wolverine’s interest. The fact that the group creates incredibly deep and dark songs like Hurt would also attract him. His violent past makes him someone prone to destructive behavior while still capable of feeling intense love and compassion to others. The song perfectly captures his character, making it among his favorites. He would also have Jony Cash’s transcendent version too.

John Mellencamp: Hurts So Good

While Wolverines nature makes him a lover of gloomy songs, it’s not all doom in his playlist. Of course, songs with broody lyrics and a little on the obsessive side are his favorites, making this song a good fit for him. Moreover, he also enjoyed a destructive relationship with Jean Grey, the telepath, while she was still dating Cyclops. The painful words on the song would definitely relate well with him while busting a few awkward dance moves.

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