Some Ace Hip Hop Songs That Make The Perfect Home Poker Game Soundtrack

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Coronavirus has put the world on lockdown and that includes poker – many of the biggest U.S. events have been postponed, while some of the UK poker tournaments you see here may not go ahead until 2021.

But lockdown doesn’t stop doing the things you love, it just forces a re-think.

I’ve held plenty of online home poker games and tournaments while I’ve been on lockdown – you can do the same if you download PokerStars or use one of the many great casino online .

And the great thing about having a judi slot online game like this is that you can pick the tunes. Playing the pg slot may be a common indulgence amongst tons of individuals of all ages, round the world. it’s not so common only among the vacationing corporate anymore. you’ll now enjoys your favorite สล็อต experience anytime you would like . All because of internet connectivity, it’s now possible to be ready to play from the comfort of home. However, the principles and tips that are applicable to fit machines remain an equivalent everywhere, online also as offline. coin machine hints and tips are guidelines generated by the champions and are there to assist you choose up and learn from strategy.

I’ve picked 11 great hip hop songs that you can use to give you the perfect soundtrack to your home poker games – enjoy!


Aim – ‘Cold Water Music’

Every great soundtrack needs a quality intro and that’s exactly what you get with this song.

It’s watery, ambient, and subtly grabs your attention – perfect for focussing your mind as your home poker game begins. And if you need a recommendation for an online casino, the ACR poker room has a lot of players.

Jedi Mind Tricks – ‘Put Em In The Grave’

As the first cards are dealt, it’s good to get your mindset right and remember why you’re playing poker – to win, in other words, to put your opponents in the grave.

Blackalicious – ‘Alphabet Aerobics’

There are plenty of reasons not to talk too much during poker – for one, it can distract you from your game.

But if you get your chatter right then it can be a weapon you can use to throw your fellow players off your game –  master it in the way that Blackalicious does and your voice could become a nuclear threat to your opponents.

Nas – ‘The Message’

You may well have mastered the art of talking during your poker games, but have you decided what message you’re going to convey?

This is an important thing to get under control. Why? Because if you’re not in control of the narrative then your opponents are and that’s not what you want.

Big Pun – ‘I’m Not A Player’

Now, you can give off whatever appearance you think is best at the poker table – whether that’s aggressive, passive, or tight. My recommendation is that you give some thought to convincing the other players that you ain’t a player.

Making the rest the peeps at the table think you don’t know what you’re doing gives you an opportunity – an opportunity to exploit their complacency.

Eminem – ‘As The World Turns’

People underestimated Eminem when he was younger and what did he do? He proved the mutha f****rs wrong.

Just make sure you don’t go too far with this, because you will lose some hands and when this happens you really don’t want to get tilted.

2Pac – ‘Life Goes On’

The worst poker players will win some games and the best ones will lose some – it’s the simple reality of playing a game driven by chance.

But when you do lose you need to remember that the game goes on – whether that’s by playing more hands in your current home match or a future tournament.

Dr. Dre – ‘Still Dre’

The reason you shouldn’t get so down on yourself when you lose a hand, game, or tournament is that you’re still the pretty much same player – with one exception…

Now you have some fresh experiences to lean on and use to become a leaner, sharper, smarter player – yes, you’re still you but you’re YOU 2.0.

Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Cream’

Playing poker should always be about one thing – having fun.

But it’s a game and the object is to win by creaming some cash off your friends.

Cypress Hill – ‘Throw Your Set Up In The Air’

I’ll admit that I’m talking about a completely different type of set here to that covered by the Cypress Hill gang – I’m talking about a poker set, where you make three-of-a-kind.

The reason that you’ll be throwing your set up in the air is that they’re a real money maker – I’ve won so many games by making a set, sometimes from playing a pair of deuces.

The Notorious BIG – ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’

The idea is that when you finish your home poker game you have more money than when you started. But this can create more problems than it solves, if it gives you the wrong attitude – overconfidence.

Review how you played during the game and how your opponents performed. This will give you a chance to see if you got the outcome you deserved, or if you got lucky.

Taking this approach will make sure you’re not results-focused, putting the emphasis on your gameplay and making sure you’re not overconfident next time you play.

These might not be the best hip hop tracks of all time – hell, I haven’t even picked my favourite songs by some of the artists I’ve included.

But they’re 11 great songs that each offer a lesson that will help your poker play and make sure you have a great home poker game.

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