Kanye West & Amber Rose’s Seven Figure Agreement?

Andrew Barber 18

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton is reporting that Kanye has paid ex-girlfriend Amber Rose up to seven figures to keep her mouth shut and from revealing any details about their now-defunct relationship.  Talk about hitting the ultimate lick.  I’ve never so much as heard Amber speak and she’s become (somewhat) famous and now (supposedly) rich.  

Sources are saying that Kanye West has signed a multi-million dollar contract with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose to “silence” her from speaking about his personal life.

She reportedly agreed to never reveal any details about the rapper in return for cash.

An insider says, “It’s pretty common to have ‘silence’ agreements amongst entertainers. I heard that Amber’s getting seven figures to keep her lips closed.”

18 Comments on "Kanye West & Amber Rose’s Seven Figure Agreement?"

  1. choco2010

    hahaha…P.Diddy is way much better than Kanye… P.Diddy is the best! and he has a new upcoming movie the Get Him to the Greek.

  2. precious_amber

    whoa! amber is soo chica in the photo. kinda reminds me of a much much prettier version of annie lennox!
    gonna watch p diddy on the big scree with his newest flick Get Him to the Greek.

  3. Wow

    This site has officially fallen off. What the hell happened? No one here anymore, beyond lame ass posts, basically no comments. The redesign was an epic fail. Oh, well. Removing FSD from my bookmarks now. Don’t forget to turn the lights out when you leave.

  4. FSD Police

    choco_2010 and precious_amber need to quit selling that bullshit fag-stamp shit-stain of a movie Get Him To The Greek starring Sean Diddy Combs, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, produced by Judd Apatow and directed by Nicholas Stoller, which premieres Friday, June 4 worldwide. yeah, that has nothing to do with chicago hip hop, so quit bringing that bullshit up or I’ll cite your asses for spamming. FSDPD, you bitches!

  5. Chicagorilla

    Agreed this site as fallen into shreds and Andrew needs to stop dick riding chicago artist that already on and start supporting more artist that’s on the rise. This site doesn’t even support the artist that should be on not to mention the fact he barely has any female artist on here. Everytime I get on this site all I see is Kanye, Traxster, Twista the same shit over and over #THISSITEISDONE

  6. dynamicproducer

    Wow. I know it might come off as him needing to hide something, but I can understand his desire for privacy. I wouldn’t want people knowing my business, especially what you share with a loved one.

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