May 2010


Ringtone Rap Project Presents: The Shamrock Shake

The Red Eye’s Kyra Kyle’s has been working on her hip-hop Spinal Tap, The Ringtone Rap Project for quite some time now.  She linked up with Nikki Lynette, Anton Genius, Ernest Wilkins and a handful of others, to create a spoof record to prove that anyone can make a rap record.  Did it work? 

You can read all about Kyra’s experiment and all the hilarity here.

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Kanye West – Power

This can’t be life. Kanye’s “Power” leaks seemingly out of nowhere. This joint is off the hook. What else did you expect?

The first single (supposedly) off Good Ass Job. Fight the power.

He’s back.

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Update: Track features Dwele and was produced by S1 (Symbolyc 1) of Strange Fruit Project.  The track was co-produced by Kanye.   Apaprently, Rhymefest  introduced S1 & Ye and that’s how they began working.

Update II: Drake reportedly passed on this beat.  Eek x Fail.

Update III: Lyrics for “Power” after the jump.  [via]

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