Mikkey Halsted – First Class (Prod. by Prolyfic) [Tags]

| August 9, 2010 | 28 Comments

“I am from the gutter where the cupboard was bare, cause my Mother took on more than she could bare, I swear.  From where n’z don’t care, and I don’t love money but you need it like air.  That’s on everything, ready, aim, fire; The Midwest King, your Sire, none higher; First Class.”

Here we finally have the street/warm up single off Mikkey’s indie album, Dark Room, which is scheduled to drop this Fall.  Rumor has it Mikkey just inked a deal for Dark Room, and that’s been the hold up on the project.  Details on rumored deal should be coming any day now, so congrats to Mikk if that’s the case.

This leak comes courtesy of Sean Mac, who cuffed “First Class” for his upcoming mixtape The Mac Chronicles: Volume 1.  There are just a couple tags on here, but I could care less as this joint is an absolute monster.  The beat is crazy and Mikk snapped his ass off lyric-wise.  Look for more Mikkey and Pro collaborations to appear on Dark Room.

Mikkey Halsted – First Class (Prod. by Prolyfic) [Tags]

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  1. ChiefJ4 says:

    I thought Mikkey wasn’t never ever fuckin’ wit Sean Mac again after that liquor store shit… have they resolved their differences? AND I swear, Mikk used to be so humble, and I support dude, but people have the arrogance and swag of a Diddy or Kanye but do not have the body of successful work to back/accompany it. Mikkey, you used to be on some real conscious, black power, informative, though-provoking shit, you latest stuff hasn’t got more than a couple of plays. Get some record sales then the ego can come. I support you though, lookin’ forward to your upcoming project.

    1100 Block of N. Mason

  2. Hmmmmmm says:

    Decent song…but really could go without the Mac attachment. That guy is full of himself. Please don’t walk that path Mikkey. You see how far it got him.

  3. mikeflo says:

    My Comrade!

  4. Los 51st and state says:

    Mikkey might not EVER get on. He’s too cold. They scared.

  5. Enzyme 9 says:

    Dope, track and flow bananas!!! Chi-Town let’s get it!!!!

  6. Jae' says:

    Thumbs up fellas.

  7. Jae' says:

    Thumbs up fellas! Can’t wait to hear more.

  8. FuNkwoRm says:

    Good work, Mik. Keep bringing that heat, Fam!

  9. Syn from 63rd says:

    Mikk cool but he won’t go far. He is to old and if he did ink a deal its not no real money or releases. You know how many artist ink deals and there music never see the light of day besides probably here in the Chi. In plus he’s not a commercial artists

  10. Macken says:

    Prolyfic picked the right man to murder this beat.

  11. Seryiouz says:

    I enjoyed this.

  12. WTF says:


  13. shotgun iCu says:

    mikkey iCu sQuad support ya movement family, fuck the haters!!!!!!!!! keep working tHrow ya C uP

  14. shotgun iCu says:

    PrO iCu faMily GooD sHiT

  15. Equis says:

    This shit weak. Mikkey overated. Only person on his dick is Andrew. This nigga been trying to make moves since 95. Its over Mikkey. Cash Money dropped you and the next label sign you gon do the same. You a senior citizen. you need to focus on educating the students you teach.

  16. HATA ALERT says:

    ^^^^^ I dont see howanyone can hear this track and say weak did you listen to it fuck shitboy you know no music dope

  17. Vic says:

    Do yall hear the lines this nigga say on here? I knew him from the liquor store shit and knew he could spit but damn, line for line he murderin niggaz. He’s extremely versitile wit his. Now i know he could blow.

  18. John says:

    Mikkey is a monsta! We already know prolific is a beast! What more did you expect? CLASSIKK!!!

  19. Hmmmmmm says:

    Same person commenting…….its dope. No need for schenanigans.

  20. black says:


  21. Critic says:

    N*ggas been saying Mik was goin blow for 10 years now and Im still not seeing it. So after all you dick riders finish saying people hating for giving their opinion just look at the facts. Every year u people claim its his time and every year he fails again. Nothing happens. LEP goin to be nationally known before him. And Mik not no spring chicken either. He like 30 something so I agree its pretty much over. I don’t care how dope you claim he is

  22. pro is washed up says:

    1st class flight? high class? lol

  23. Ronaldo says:

    This weak. He spit the same on EVERYTHING

  24. Jason says:

    It’s has to be a sad state around here when niggas will go out of they way to hate. No one can deny that mikkey is spitting. And cant no one deny that this beat is dylan hot fire. I havent heard anything like this on fsd before. Definitely got this on repeat. I hope the dark room has more of it.


  25. Los 51st and State says:

    You have valid points “Critic” but I thought the point of commenting on FSD was to critique the work. You are critiquing the SITUATION. This song is HOT. Point,Blank,PERIOD. All that other shit out the window.Save it for a convo between friends or a message board that caters to trolls.

  26. World B. Free says:

    this isn’t dope and Sean Mac can’t scratch. on a personal note, “Pro” passed out drunk in the bathroom of The Abbey Pub while he was supposed to be judging the Molemen beat battle. this after giving the crowd a speech on how to get on. like he’s some sort of model for success. another local rap bum. TRUTH. now you and Sean Mac blend into the background where you belong.

  27. rick says:

    Chicago smh first they love u then they hate u

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