@FakeShoreDrive Mix Vol. 1 – 9/30/10

| September 30, 2010 | 12 Comments

Mixed by DJ Nati Kid

I know what you’re thinking.  Wow, what an original title!  I know, I know – it took me all week to think of it.  [*pats self on back*]

Anyhoo, I’m starting a new series here on the site where I toss a DJ a handful of tracks – some new, some old – some Chicago, some not – and they mix it together however they’d like.  Each and every track is a personal pick.  Deal with it.  They’ll be mixed as one giant Mp3 that you can stream and/or download.  There will be no tracklist, so you’ll just have to listen to hear what’s on it.  I enjoy it myself to see what the DJ has done with the songs I’ve provided.  The mixes will probably be 80% Chicago, and I’ll draw the rest from my subconscious (what?). 

For Volume 1 I’ve teamed up with DJ Nati Kid, who I gave 20 tracks to a few weeks ago.  Click the link to hear what he did.

Also, if any DJs are interested in jumping down for a future Volume, give me a shout. 

@FakeShoreDrive Mix Vol. 1 – 9/30/10 [Listen/Download]


Category: Chicago

  • twistaisthebestrapperalive



    great idea drew…mix is dope than a motha. good pics

  • 68th & Crandon

    This mix is harder than half of the mainstream garbage out there. Big props!

  • http://Info.com Haha

    This DJ threw down, mix is dope.

  • My 2 Cents…..

    twistaisthebestrapperalive can’t read.

    Niiice idea FSD.

  • Twista Best Rapper Alive

    Is there a tracklist for this??

  • http://Info.com Haha

    Read his post… No tracklist… Some Ye, some twista, some Mikk, some LEP…



  • CT

    Great selection of songs andrew. Lookin 4ward to volume 2. . .

  • Dj Gucci

    Yea This Is Dj Gucci “The King Of The Underground” I Am Very Interested In Submitting you A Sample Of My Work I Am A Hot Hip Hop Dj Downtown I Have Spun At Places Like Tini Martini, Level, Wild Hare, And Filty Libertine I Am On Fakeshore Trying to get My Network Game Up So Hit Me Up 847 708 5692 Or Curtis.jones13@yahoo.com And Let Get It Popping…… Gucci

  • MorningAfter

    I finally got to take a listen. Nice mix…just one question, which may go against the concept of no tracklist:

    What was that rant and argument from near the middle of the mix?

  • C.E.O. The Chief

    Yo this mix is tight who is Foreign Features?…..