Consequence Calls WGCI’s The Morning Riot; Talks Pusha T, Drops Kanye Diss Record

| July 29, 2011 | 7 Comments

Yesterday, Pusha T called into 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot on his way out of Chicago and discussed his “battle” with Consequence. Pusha Ton took a few shots, but basically said he wouldn’t be responding to ‘Quence over wax. Well earlier today, The Morning Riot had Consequence call in to offer a rebuttal, and as you can imagine his commentary was more colorful than ever. On top of discussing the situation with G.O.O.D., the Cons talks about GLC, Really Doe and Rhymefest and exclusively drops his new diss record “Everybody Told Me To Straighten It Out.”

The summer just got hotter.


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  1. Sug Laden says:

    sounds delusional and bitchy

  2. GETreal says:

    booooo….sounds like He’s reaching!!!!

  3. Star says:

    This fool is dillusional!!! Best lyricist where? This guy is crazy!

  4. Griffen312 says:

    90% of the listeners are like “Who the fuck is Consequence?”

    nuff said (stan lee voice)

    • Jaydee24 says:

      If from the chi you know who tribe called quest is you know who cons is. And yeah he is way more lyrical than pusha t. Hes been around for a while, if you are a commercial robot then you would be asking who cons is my dude. Nothing against pusha t, but he needs to just let cons and kanye work this shit out.

      • The Kid says:

        Pusha was letting Cons & Ye work it out. Cons went at him. Pusha’s comment was a response, not an initiation

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