Mixtape: Bump J x DJ V-Dub – How I Got Signed (No Payola Version)

| December 31, 2011 | 8 Comments

A special NYE gift from DJ V-Dub & the Chief Bump J.

V-Dub was one of the first DJ’s in Chicago to embrace Bump and the Goon Squad during their triumphant journey to the top in the mid-aughts. During this time, V-Dub spun an astonishing amount of Bump freestyles and exclusives–many of which were never released–that he’s compiled for this mixtape.

20 new tracks and exclusives. A must download for any Bump fan. Download and stream below, plus check out some new pics of Bump behind the walls. All hail the Chief!


Bump J x DJ V-Dub – How I Got Signed (No Payola Version)

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  1. Goooooooonnnnnnn Squuaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd

  2. CT says:

    Fireman is missing, Good tape tho! CHIEF IN THIS BITCH!!!!!

  3. Omar Guzman says:

    GGgggoooooooooooonnnn SSSsqqquuaaaaaddd in this bitch. Gr8 mixtape to end the year foe CHI CITY WUT UP!¡!

  4. prize says:

    Itz a shame this shit bump drop is still the hottest shit smoking in the streets.

  5. prize says:

    bump j forever the king nigger

    • BON says:

      King nigger fuck you talking about fuck boi watch what u type. be on the look out for some other real niggas coming out of the squad 2012 is the year for the chi BON Goon squad FREE SICKO FREE BUMP

  6. Duece4 says:

    #16 I feel sorry for whoever screaming they king of the chi wait till bump get back down!

  7. Cashflow from Pack Money B.O.T says:

    Dis da realest nigga from da Chi on dis rap shit…He was finna put us on da right way nd let niggas know how da CHI really get down…I heard he workin on a album while he in there lets see how dat go in da mean time…FREE BUMP J ASAP! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Big Ol Nigga Shit!

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