FSD Feature: Kane One’s Top 10 Chicago Graffiti Bombers


Words by Kane One (@Kane_1)

If you’re even somewhat familiar with the local graffiti scene, then you know of Kane One. A staple in the streets and on the walls, Kane One has been an active graffiti artist in Chicago since 1989. With a graf career stretching over 20 years, he’s a member of the storied Def Con 5, Dirty Thirty, and Just 4 Fun crews.

But on top of being your average  graf writer, he also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (2000) and a Masters of Art in Teaching (2011) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He teaches the History of Graffiti at SAIC and will be curating a Chicago group graffiti/street art exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art in June 2013. This October, he will have a solo art exhibit at Modest Skate Shop.

With plenty of big projects on deck for the remainder of 2012 and beyond, it was only right that we caught up with Kane for his Top 10 Chicago Graffiti Bombers list. A thorough and in-depth look at Cook County’s finest — it’s off the wall

Disclaimer: All of these photos were found online, so no authorities should be coming with a search warrant.

*in alphabetical order*

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23 Comments on "FSD Feature: Kane One’s Top 10 Chicago Graffiti Bombers"

  1. Hadiesel

    I appreciate this feature right here it’s def on point, figured Sivel and Temper would be at the top of the list. I took a pic of that same Sivel piece back in the day LOL Bel, Joke and Made U Look crew got up a lot too, and the list goes on of course

  2. meh

    Respect to Kane and every one of these cats listed since theyve put in work but some of these niggas don’t even paint anymore and if they do it’s legal or freights…If it’s top 10 it should be about longevity and being an all around bomber…Temper..Fact..Sivel…Depte..Only dudes on this list that should be there.

  3. JEZI

    My Man FACT… this aint even as dope as the SPIRIT Billboard but they all RAW…. nuff respect due.

  4. PoETiKoNe

    I remember the days back in the late 80’$ kicking it with old skool CMW – DTE – J4F – XMEN etc etc.. We ran the fucking redline… Anyways LONE deffin a good pick as well as SiVEL.. I remember wrecking the skokie yard on tha regular.. my dad used to work for Rust-Oleum which was based on oakton n McCormick.. fuckkng fun ass times..


  5. J. Sorce

    This is this man’s List Sounds like a Friends list but He sees it how he does(no need to trip on em). My crew was active in the 90’s & killed sh*t destroyed/ended a lot of crews(Crews mentioned here) We started chasing $ & Graff fell to the way side so me & my DAD Crew conglomerates Congrad Kane(on his feature) big-up Cats still active Shouts out to all my crews POR XMEN UAC TDT TJP

    • mofos searchign me looking me up on Google and shit thats crazy jack after almost 15 yrs that im ghost…Kest just hit me up….yes DARE RIP should of made the list KANE YOU ARE A CURATOR OF GRAFFITI AT THE ART INSTITUTE? WORD? IM TRYING TO DO AN EXCHANEG BETWEEN USA-BRAZIL SO WE ALL COULD CHILL


    Random reading this all late, but I was curious to what criteria were you basing this top ten list. Obviously, depending on if you’re north side or south side or west side or where ever you will be biased to writers you knew. Granted you mentioned “ages” (AGENT), LONE and SIVEL. Three definitely different writers and made a name in their own right. I am surprised not to see any old school cats like TSEL ASC or TELLY UAC if we are going on bombing status – and that’s not even talking about piecing. There’s not even an honorable mention to DEEP, DRASTIC or ANTCK who again were bombers all city and amazing artists. I also concur with J. SORCE, that many crews like DAD, CMW, UAC, THC, WET or ABC (DARE) didn’t get up in your list.

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