DBM x FSD Present: Fredo Santana’s ‘Scary Sight’ T-Shirt

| May 7, 2012 | 7 Comments

What’s the scariest sight of the summer? Well, besides Fredo’s residency in the cut, it has to be Dope.Boy.Magic. & Fake Shore Drive’s series of exclusive artist t-shirts — which we’ll be dropping until August.

That’s right, we’ll be dropping very rare and limited shirts all summer, featuring some of your favorite Chicago artists. Kicking things off is Fredo Santana’s “Fredo In The Cut, That’s A Scary Sight” tee, which is inspired by what could be deemed the best rap line of the year, spit by none other than Lil Reese. If you’ve heard the O.G. version of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” then you know what we’re talking about.

The Fredo tee will be available online Monday afternoon are available now (via FSD and Dope.Boy.Magic) for $25. We’ll let you know when you can click the purchase button Monday. But if you can’t wait until then, you can hit Fredo in the cut, who has the merch on him. Fredo has even agreed to sell you an autographed shirt for an extra $25 — that’s the deal of the century. Nothing scary about that.



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  1. O_O says:

    that niggas dick is almost hanging out…. thats the shit I dont like.

    FYI. When sagging, wear dark(black) undergarments or color matching jeans or shirt encase your undergarments are exposed…. like the gay nigga in the pic.

    P.S. Niggas still taking pics squeezing imaginary pistols? … thats some shit that I dont like!

  2. Fourthquarter says:

    u fuckin wit my family u fucked up

  3. Albert says:

    Where the fuck can I but the shirt?!?!?

  4. Aron says:

    I need a shirt. Anybody with one for sale hmu

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