King Louie Signs With Epic

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If you were a little caught off guard by the release of King Louie’s first single  “Val Venis” today, you weren’t alone. The record was dubbed as the first SINGLE from Louie’s long-awaited Dope & Shrimp project; but what you probably didn’t know, was that Dope & Shrimp will be dropping via Lawless Inc./Epic Records/Sony.

Yep, you read that right — King Louie has officially inked a deal with Epic Records. The deal is through Lou’s current home, Lawless Inc., which is a Chicago-based label started by Larry Wilson and John Monopoly. Epic’s partnership with Lawless Inc. starts with Louie’s Dope & Shrimp, and today, the label moved on “Val Venis” as the first single.

Moments after filming his segment for MTV2’s Sucker Free Chicago special at Lacuna Artist Lofts earlier today; King Louie sat down with FSD to announce his newly inked record deal, and talk about his major label debut, Dope & Shrimp. Congrats are in order to Louie, Lawless and the FLY ENT crew. Click through below for the interview.

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19 Comments on "King Louie Signs With Epic"

  1. Honest to God

    All these chicago dudes getting signed but I bet you any kinda money that its no longevity in none of there careers. I guarantee you all of this buzz will be dead by 2013. Mark my words. I bet nobody will be thinking about Louie, YP, Cheif Keef & his people, or none of these weak ass rappers by next year. Only people that will get deals this year that will be making any real noise by next year is Mikkey Halsted, Rockie Fresh, and Hopefully LEP (I’m talking new people that will get signed that deserve it).

  2. That nigga is BOrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrIng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….sorry…..just my opinion….
    and NO..Im no disgruntled rapper….Im a fan and a legend though…..hmmmmmmmmmmm…..I think Lil Durk has more appeal …as well as Keef…talent or no talent, lyrics or no lyrics…this is a very very hard business…and those who get in…One thing is true of them all….THEY WORK HARD!…thats why I still support them all..

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