The Best Kanye West Songs: 25 More

| July 24, 2012 | 7 Comments

13. Consequence f/ Kanye West & Little Brother “I See Now” (2004)
Album: Take ‘Em To The Cleaners
Producer: 9th Wonder
Label: Sure Shot Recordings

10 I See Now Featuring Kanye West & Little Brother

Backpack rap was sort of having a renaissance in 03/04, mainly thanks to Little Brother and Kanye West. Critics, revivalists and purists were sweating the shit out of Little Brother’s The Listening, which ended up being the surprise hit of ’03. And once 9th Wonder landed a beat on The Black Album? Forget about it. Everyone was talking about the trio from the Cackalack.

So it made sense that Yeezy and Little Bro get in the lab to cook something up. The result was the hilarious “I See Now” — which was a song for the ladies. The ladies who put on the pounds. Ye snapped with shots like: “How you order all that food and a mother fucking Diet Coke.” Sounds like somebody needed the new workout plan.

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  1. stocky f. b. says:

    ain’t this on Freshmen Adjustment??

  2. Wave says:

    Biggest mistake on the original list was Ni**as in Paris being so damn high. We basically got force fed that song…smh. Doesn’t deserve top 25 to me. And We Major should have been MUCH higher.

  3. mcfly says:

    real talk this list is HORRIBLE, where is “Diamonds are forever”, “Homecoming”, “The Wire”,

    • Andrew says:

      To your comment I respond: “They say there ain’t no hope for the youth and the truth is there ain’t no hope for the future”

  4. martin says:

    i need all these songs lol

  5. D.Scott says:

    Heard Em Say and We Major are in my top 5

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