20 Projects We’re Anticipating In 2013



Words by Ty Kidd (@TYKIDD)

2012 was a great year for Chicago music — that’s no secret. Tons of artists (old and new) dropped solid and quality projects last year and this year looks to be no different.

Lots of artists here will be releasing follow-ups to their previous releases, while some of the newer artists will be hitting the scene with their debut efforts. There’s more projects than we count set to impact this year, but we picked twenty of them that are on our radar and have us hyped for their release to share with you. So, click below and check out some of the projects (in no particular order) we at FSD are anticipating the most.

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9 Comments on "20 Projects We’re Anticipating In 2013"

  1. Black

    .Is there any way that you guys can do your lists differently. I like your list but no1 want to go thru it like that. Other sites have a much easier ways to scroll thru or at least look at the whole list

  2. Look what it says at the bottom of the website. Complex magazine. This was masterminded by Mark Ecko and his website mafia. More clicks = more $.

    I wish Rockie Fresh would get out of that damn delorean that shit is getting tired as fuck. We all know that the director owns the car and you get it for free but damn can’t Ross pay for a new video treatment?

    I 100% agree with that TREE sould trap as the # 1 call. I am also glad you left off GOOD musics Cold winter because aint nobody lookin forward to that after the last one.

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