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FSD Feature: Supa Bwe Speaks On Musical Influences


Words by Andrew Jennings (@ArchieBlocka). Photo by YakubFilms

When people think of the stars of Chicago rap, they immediately think about Kanye and Chance. However, when people think of the “homegrown Chicago sound,” they immediately think of drill music. Artists like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and G Herbo come to mind as the most popular rappers in that lane, and despite the fact that all of these artists are dope, Chicago has a lot more to offer than just drill.

However, Chicago’s underground scene is booming at the moment, and is brimming with artists who draw influences from a diverse range of musicians, genres and ideas. With this (hopefully) recurring feature, I want to bring attention to these artists and find out about the different influences on their lyrics, sounds, and personalities. With this first feature, I talked to Supa Bwe about his favorite artists and albums, ranging from Prince (R.I.P.) to Kid A.

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Chief Keef – Outerspace Glo


Chief Keef Mozart takes one of my favorite Soulja Boy tracks, “Outerspace Flow,” as his own and goes all the way in. More Keef over Hollywood J beats, ok? Ok. Check out “Outerspace Glo” below.

In Soulja Boy news, fans of the rapper should know that we’re bringing him to Chicaglo next week (Thursday, 5/19) for a show at the Double Door alongside Red Bull Sound Select. Tickets are only $3 with RSVP. 

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New Project: Payroll Giovanni & Cardo Got Wings – Big Bossin Vol. 1


In the rap industry, you typically hear cats talk about being a boss and glorifying the lifestyle that is associated with ballin’. But being a boss isn’t just about individual achievement, as much as it’s about making sure that your team is in position to be in position. It goes without saying that what Payroll and his BYLUG family have established, is the perfect example of what a being a boss is all about.

Over the years, Pay has lead by example and in the process, he has incorporated a two step formula to ascend to the Big Bossin level. The first step in this process is to get money and stay humble — and second step is strictly stack all season. By applying this formula one can obtain the level of Big Bossin.

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