Listen Knox Fortune’s new release “Help Myself”

Produced by Knox Fortune and Carter Lang. Additional production by Cam O’Bi, Macie Stewart and Colin Croom.

You’ve heard him on the hook of Chance The Rapper’s “All Night.” You’ve heard him behind the boards on hit songs such as Joey Purp’s “Girls @.” Now hear him as a solo artist. What, you didn’t know he was a beast on his own? Well, 2017 is going to be Knox’s year, and you can quote me on that. Talent like this is bound to blossom, and it’s happening right before your eyes. “Help Myself,” co-written by his road dawg Joey Purp, is all the proof you need. Help your self to “Help Myself” below.

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Stream Drayco McCoy’s new 18-track project ‘Skull Collecta’

Words by Aaron Navarro & Andrew Barber

FullyAutomaticDrayco McCoy is back at it with a brand new 18-track (!) mixtape for the people. The project features songs with FLACO, Lucki and Blkyth — and the Indiana reppin’ rapper is at full strength with the bars, beats and concepts. Each instrumental goes hard and hits in its own unique way. From the boom-bap on “Doin’ Bad Sh*t Again” to the distorted monster-bass on “SMD I’m Popular.”

Could this be the big breakout project for the Big Man? It might could be. He’s definitely making a lot of noise right now, and is collecting plenty of skulls in the process. You gotta build your fanbase brick by brick, and Big Dray seems to be making all the right moves at the moment. Just don’t get in his way. He’s snatching skulls and souls.

Check out the behemoth release below and peep our interview with Mr.McCoy right here. 

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