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Parents Outraged Over Chief Keef Quiz at Fiske Elementary

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What? Is this real? How, Sway?

The Sun-Times & DNA Info are reporting that a substitute teacher at Fiske Elementary School on Chicago’s Southside is in hot water for giving students a Chief Keef quiz. Yes, you read that correctly. I remember studying Mozart, but in 2015 they study Cozart. Welcome to the future.

I’m not sure how well I’d fare on a Keef quiz, but after reviewing the questions, I’m fairly certain I’d at least land a B. Some of the hard-hitting questions included:

Where was he placed on house arrest?

Who shot Chief Keef when he was 16?

What Kanye West song was Chief Keef featured on?

At what age did he stop attending school?

What was Chief Keef debut album?

What year was “Bang” release?

Yes, this is bizarre, but it gets deeper. Allegedly one student came home from school asking about the illuminati:

Sanders said Daniel came home with questions about the Illuminati and was nervous and scared about the material, which she said included handouts with profanity.

The parents are understandably pissed and have taken to the press to lash out. You can read more about it right here. 

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Chance The Rapper to Play ‘Saturday Night Live’ in December


Earlier today, it was announced that Chance The Rapper was named Chicagoan of the Year by Chicago Magazine. They also placed him on the cover of the esteemed edition. Now comes news that Chance is to play Saturday Night Live on December 12th. Yes, the new independent king of music will make his first appearance on the legendary program in just a few weeks, alongside guest star Chris Hemsworth.

The accolades and wins continue to roll in for Chano. Can’t wait to see him grace the stage — this is amazing news. Well deserved.

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Chance The Rapper Covers Chicago Magazine, Named Chicagoan of the Year


Chance continues to reach amazing heights in his career — all at the young age of 22. Today, Chicago Magazine crowned Chance as their 2015 “Chicagoan of the Year” and placed him on the cover of the esteemed issue. Yes, the cover boy has returned — and his hit list is incredible.

We don’t have the actual cover on hand yet, but Chicago Mag did release their in-depth feature on Mr. Bennett, which you can now read right here. Congrats are in order, yet again, for Chance. Keep winning bro.

The baby is a main impetus for the new tour (fittingly called Family Matters); Chance is trying to squirrel away enough money for a house for his burgeoning clan. “I’m a patriarch now. I’ve got to go get the bread,” he jokes. There are other signs he’s maturing. He goes easier on the drugs and alcohol these days. And he’s highly cognizant of his growing influence (1.2 million Twitter followers) and wants to use it for good. “Being from the family I’m from—my great-grandmother marched with King—I have things that I have to do,” he says.

Read the full piece here and check out behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot below.

Update: now with picture of cover

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FSD Feature: Hypno Carlito Speaks on Chi-Raq Soundtrack, Writing “Pray 4 My City” & More


It goes without saying that Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq film has been quite controversial. Perhaps the most controversial entertainment moment of Chicago’s 2015 run. The response from Chicagoans has been less than stellar, with most artists and creatives showing extreme displeasure for Spike’s depiction of the city. Many have taken it as a slap in the face for a city plagued with violence and tragedy. It’s no laughing matter.

But on the flip side, a handful of working Chicago artists have taken part in the film and its accompanying soundtrack. Both Sasha Go Hard and Eryn Allen Kane were featured in the trailer, and a number of locals are rumored to have taken part in scoring and contributing music for Chi-Raq.

One confirmed contributor to both the film and the soundtrack is OTF representer Hypno Carlito, who shares screen time with the high profile cast, and also penned the official first single, Nick Cannon’s “Pray 4 My City.” Many took offense to Cannon being recruited for the single, but Hypno asserts the lyrics came from the standpoint of a Chicagoan. Today we caught up with Hypno to talk about the film, the soundtrack and how he got involved — his answers might surprise you. Check it out below.

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