Bo Deal


Bo Deal & Sly Polaroid Announce Collabo Album


Oh you thought Bo was really finished? Think again. This morning the Westside rapper took to Instagram to announce that his retirement has been curbed, as he’s now back in the lab with his homie Sly Polaroid to create a new album. Hey, you know what they say: rappers never retire.

But never mind that, a Sly and Bo project is something the streets have been requesting for years, so it’s nice to see this finally coming to fruition. Hopefully, we get this project sooner than later. But while we wait, Bo announced:

Mufuckas always talk about doing mixtapes together but it never happen! Me andmy homie @sly_richamerica about to give the people a klassik!! We taking it back to the essence of quality street music!!i dropped my last solo mixtape a Month ago but when Sly called me out on this I couldn’t refuse!! #GETREADY

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