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Chance The Rapper Releases ‘#Chance3’ Cover, Hints It Will Drop This Week


Today is the third anniversary of Chance The Rapper’s breakthrough project, Acid Rap. And on this special day, Chance unveiled the artwork for his long-awaited new project, #Chance3. Also note, this is the first time in three years that Chano has changed his Twitter avi. So this must be special.

Chance hasn’t revealed much about #Chance3 other than the cover art and a hint that it will impact within the next week. He also states that its release will be extremely fan-driven. So no, it doesn’t look like it dropping today or in the month of April as promised. But who cares? At least we know it’s coming.

Those who’ve heard what Chance has been working on have told me it’s by far his best project, and the sound is completely next level. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. The three year wait will end very, very soon.

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Chance The Rapper Confirms Third Mixtape Dropping This Month


Last night, Chance The Rapper headlined Power 92’s sold out 15 Year Anniversary concert at the Chicago Theater. Chance had plenty of surprises during his energetic set, including bringing out the Bucket Boys and BJ The Chicago Kid. But fans of Chance will be relieved to know, that after weeks of rumors, he’s confirmed that his third mixtape is dropping this month. Yes, April, 2016.

Multiple sources who were in attendance were able to verify Chance’s announcement. He’s been tentatively calling the project ‘Third Mixtape,’ but appears this isn’t the official title. We’ll keep you posted on further details, but expect the next single to release very soon.

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Chicago News

Watch Chance The Rapper Throw Out The First Pitch at the White Sox Home Opener


Despite the nasty, dismal Chicago weather; it’s a beautiful day over at the Cell, as hometown hero Chance The Rapper just threw out the first pitch to kick off the 2016 season for the White Sox. The sleet/snow/rain mix did made it a little messy on the mound, but Chano was still able to lob one down the pipe for a strike — at least it appeared that way from this video from the stands. He even incorporated a little dancing into his pitch. You gotta love it.

Hit the jump to watch the official Sox ambassador work that arm.

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Watch Chance The Rapper’s new video, “Angels”

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It’s arrived. After months of teasing, Chance has finally released his new collaboration with longtime homie Austin Vesely and Chicago’s own Hebru Brantley. Ever since it was performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Saba-featured joint has been huge for Chance, perhaps getting more radio play than any other record from him, so of course he had to bring in some major muscle to handle the video treatment.

We sat down with Austin to talk a bit about the project, and him working as part of a Chicago Trifecta of creatives to bring this project together.

FSD: What’s the storyline of Angels about?

AV: I’d like people to take from it what they want, really. It could mean a few different things, but we just wanted it to be very Chicago.

FSD: This is the coming together of 3 different Chicago artists prominent within their mediums. What was collaborating with Chance and Hebru like?

AV: Collaborating with Chance is always fun. Our ideas just keep getting bigger and bigger and it’s a blast to bring them to life. Hebru is really great. I’d never met him prior but had been a fan of his work, so the opportunity to work side by side with him was an honor. I love what he brought to the video.

FSD: How were you able to get use of the train?

AV: Basically we asked! It’s a little more complicated than that, but we met with the CTA and from there a lot of logistical things had to come together. Essentially we had to make sure we wouldn’t kill my friend Chance.

Chano’s brand new visuals for “Angels” featuring Saba, directed by Austin Vesely with animated sequences of Hebru Brantley’s art are posted after the jump for you to feast your eyes on. Sit back and enjoy the Chi history we’re experiencing.

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Chicago News

Chance The Rapper Narrates New White Sox ‘Pump Up’ Video


That man really has his city doing front flips. In addition to being scheduled to throw out the opening pitch of the Sox’s first home game of the season, the team tapped Chano to narrate their new ‘pump up’ video. Not bad for a kid from 79th.

Between this and two high profile SNL appearances in the last few months, not to mentioned the rumored release of his 3rd mixtape this month, Chance is set up to have an insane year. While you’re anticipating that “Angels” video, give a listen to Chance’s words on the White Sox here.

Update: Watch Chance’s White Sox video below.

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