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Watch Chance The Rapper on Good Morning America

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Chance continues to shine — and this morning he shined on a whole new level as the musical guest on Good Morning America. He sat down for an in-depth interview and feature with Robin Robinson, and later a performance of “Summer Friends.”

GMA profiled Chance’s rise to superstardom starting at YouMedia in Chicago and even spoke to students at his Open Mike event. It’s a really touching feature, capped off with a powerful performance of “Summer Friends” (a great choice, btw.) Chance-mania continues to takeover the world.

Watch in awe below.

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Chance The Rapper Covers Billboard


Chance can’t lose. Just look at the stats. It’s all right here:


But seriously, another day another huge accomplishment for the Bennett boy. As today he covers Billboard magazine, who did a great profile on his rise from local star to national phenomenon.

This is required reading. Do so here. Did we mention he also made President Obama’s summer playlist today? Sheesh. 

Also, shout out to the homie Emma McKee for getting that slick stitched denim jacket placement on the cover.

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FSD Feature: Productivity & Social Activism behind Chance The Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’

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Words by Mark Zoleta

Seasons hold more value than having leaves change color or giving presents to loved ones. The seasons can turn cities and its residents into different beasts. Violence sparks up just as much as the heat does during the summers of Chicago and Chance the Rapper is one of the many that notice this. There’s a reason why Chance’s gloomy Acid Rap displays contrast between his latest release, the upbeat and gospel-like Coloring Book. It’s a way to connect to the people of Chicago and is an accessible form of nonviolent, social activism to constantly vibe to amidst the violence that we see.

While the introduction of Acid Rap illustrates traces of the radiant Chance we see today, most of the poetic devices within the mixtape were dark and somber. They followed elements of what we would typically see in rap: Women. Drugs. Violence. It’s all there. It was a different perspective than most, though, and that’s what made him so alluring.

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