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Watch Chance the Rapper & Jimmy Butler’s full ESPN interview on hoops, hip-hop and hope in Chicago

Fresh off his three Grammy wins and announcing a nationwide stadium tour, Chance’s full ESPN cover story with Jimmy Butler has dropped. He’s everywhere right now. Crazy, right?

In a sit down with Justin Tinsley, Chano and Jimmy talk about hoops, hip-hop and hope in Chicago. It’s a very dope interview and a music read/watch. You can check out an excerpt below and read the full piece here. I’ve included a number of video clips below courtesy of ESPN.

TINSLEY: Whether you like it or not, you two are the new faces of Chicago. What’s that responsibility like?

BUTLER: It’s cool because every morning, you just have to continue to be who you are, do what you did to get you to this point. That’s the way I look at it. And in this city, that’s all anybody ever asks of you is to work hard. When you bring that, they love you.

CHANCE: I don’t know how Jimmy does it ’cause he’s not from here, but that’s a lot of weight, right? Just carrying, like, the reality of it, the aggression and, like you said, the hardworking attitude. But also being a person of influence in a city that’s so small, it’s so communal, everybody knows each other here. I was raised here, and it’s been kind of a fishbowl thing—I’ve swam around a bunch of times. But I feel very comfortable, and it’s good to still live here.

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Chicago News

Chance The Rapper Announces Spring Tour

Chano back on road.

Fresh off of winning three well-deserved Grammys this past Sunday, Chance returns with more good news — Chano’s coming to a city near you very soon for his 2017 spring tour. A full list of dates can be found above, while tickets and details will be available tonight at 7pm EST on

No Chicago date? No problem — I’m sure Chano has something special planned for the crib. Stay tuned.

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Chance The Rapper to embark on 40-city arena tour?

Take me back 😩😩 #versaceslippers

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Billboard just dropped a very dope in-depth piece on Chance The Rapper’s longtime friend and manager, Pat Corcoran, who has helped lead Chano to his various accolades and successes. The piece includes a number of interesting tidbits, including a quote from power-agent Cara Lewis, who revealed Chance is set to embark on a 40-city arena tour in the very near future (gasp!)

ARENA TOUR. Yes, you read that correctly. Arena tour.

“Pat lives and breathes Chance, and is relentless when it comes to long-term goals,” says Cara Lewis, founder/president of Cara Lewis Group and Chance’s agent since late 2012. “Our first date paid 500 dollars. Now Chance is headlining all the major festivals and will embark on a 40-city arena tour.”

Wow. Well, we’ll keep you updated on that piece of info, but for now be sure to read the full article on Pat right here.

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Chance The Rapper to perform at Grammys

I suspected this was going to happen, and my suspicions were correct: Chance The Rapper will be performing at this year’s Grammys on Sunday, February 12th. That’s right, Chano will make his Grammy debut in just over a week. This is huge.

No word yet on what track or tracks the Chi superstar will be performing, but since it’s Chance you can expect nothing but epicness. This is huge. A major congrats to Chan and the camp.

See you there.

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Watch Chance The Rapper perform the ‘Arthur Theme Song’ on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Chance is everywhere. Remember when he covered the theme song for Arthur a few years back and the internets went crazy? Well, today he revisits Arthur alongside Ziggy Marley and Jon Batiste for this new The Late Show with Stephen Colbert sketch.

It’s a wonderful kinda day, so you should definitely watch that. Shouts to Chano for that sweater, btw. The low key Lo head.

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