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Chief Keef – Respect

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Produced by Sonny Digital

While it doesn’t appear that the long awaited Chief Keef and Sonny Digital project will be dropping anytime soon, we are still getting loosies from their collabo here and there — and today we find another one in “Respect.” Another winner from the ‘he’s the DJ I’m the rapper duo’. This one is rumored to appear on Keef’s Dedication project. Word to Weezy F, please say the baby.

More of this please. They both already have your R-E-S-P-E-C-T, so find out what it sounds like below.

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The Case of Chicago Artists and the XXL Freshman Cover — How Will We Fare This Year?

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Words by Quentin Yarolem (@QuentinYarolem)

XXL just released their list of potential 2016 freshmen candidates, and Chicago is represented very nicely. Of the roughly 150 candidates, 10% are repping the Chi. To put that into perspective, only two cities have more and that’s Atlanta with 15% and Brooklyn with 10.5%. If a Chicago artist is selected for the XXL freshmen class of 2016, they will join the ranks of Tink, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Chief Keef, Lil Bibby and Lupe Fiasco as the only Chicagoans to ever land on the cover.

Historically, Chicagoans have made up a very small portion of the XXL Freshman recipients. Only six of the total 74 freshmen have been from Chicago — but that number has been on the rise over the past few years. From 2007-2012 there was only one Chicagoan chosen to be on the XXL list (Lupe Fiasco). That’s one out of 51 total freshmen. A dismal 2%. From 2013 on however, there have been five of a total 33 which comes out to be roughly 15%.
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Chief Keef Says He’s Retiring, But Do You Believe Him?


A few days ago, Sosa took to Twitter for a rare conversation with some of his fans and followers. After a question from a fan asking “did you forget you were a rapper ?? You wayuyyyy behind on music drop something,” Sosa responded that he was set to retire because so many rappers in the game are biting his style. I’m sure the recent leaks aren’t helping matters.

I agree with Keef, wholeheartedly. No, not about the retiring part, but about the amount of relevant rappers in the game who’ve bit his style completely. Sosa stands as one of the most influential rappers of the past five years, and I don’t believe he gets his just due. His style has been snatched, bitten, reworked and repurposed, with little to no credit. I’m sure that infuriates him. During peak Keef hotness in 2012, so many people wrote him off as a flash in the pan, only to see his relevance take over the game four years later. His presence looms, and he needs to see some receipts.

Whatever the case, we don’t suspect Keef is really retiring — he records too much music and it’s part of his everyday life at this point. But has he lost love for the game at this point? I’m sure. But after watching failed and bailed retirements from Jay Z, Ma$e, Master P, Too $hort and a dozen more rappers, we know that no rappers actually retire. It’s impossible.

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