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Chief Keef Handling All of the Production on Young Chop’s Next Mixtape


It’s been four years since Keef released “I Don’t Like”, and changed the state of rap. Backed of course by Young Chop’s crazy production, a new sound was brought to the forefront of music. Without Keef and Chop’s work, this Chicago Renaissance we’re in the midst of wouldn’t be happening. That’s a fact.

Since then, after working with many other producers, plus ups and downs with Chop, Keef has been steadily developing as a beatsmith in his own right. Now, it looks like Keef is set to take a huge step forward and handle all of the soundboard work on Chop’s new mixtape. That’s right, the dynamic duo that started a movement is apparently gonna switch it up and trade places for a full release. Keef is obviously influenced somewhat by those early sounds he and Chop created, but he’s solidly gone off in his own direction that is would bring an interesting element to the project.

Chop took to Instagram to post a session he and Keef were having, where he made the announcement. No word yet on just how serious he was about it, but we’ll keep our eyes open for whatever these two have got cooking up. Check out Chief Keef and Young Chop in the lab below.

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Fredo Santana f/ Chief Keef – Gun Violence


Produced by DY of 808 Mafia.

If you’ve been waiting on Fredo’s 808 Mafia-produced Fredo Mafia album (like I have), then chances are that you’ve probably heard a preview of this joint over the past month or so on Fredo’s Instagram. Well, the full track featuring Chief Keef is finally here and it’s just as tough as you imagined.

Listen to “Gun Violence” below and look for Fredo Mafia to impact July 4th.

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FSD Feature: Exploring The Underworld of Chief Keef’s Vast Music Leaks


Words by Katrina LaZara (@katlaz26)

In 2016, Chief Keef still has more influence than most would like to admit. The now 20-year-old skyrocketed to fame back in 2012, while he was on house arrest at his Grandmother’s house in Chicago. Keef has come a long way since his days of releasing music on YouTube, but the ride to superstardom has been rocky. Most recently, Keef’s music has been viciously leaked on the internet without consent. Alki David, Keef’s business partner, is currently suing Google, and 15 other defendants for an estimated $20 million dollars for their roles in pirating Keef’s albums, Bang 3 Pt 1, and Bang 3 Pt 2. However, as we’ve recently learned, that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

76 of Keef’s tracks have been leaked so far in 2016. Even while billionaire Alki David sues 15 of the small time YouTube account holders, it doesn’t seem to be shaking any of the diehard fans that also leak Keef’s music before an intended release.

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