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Stream Lupe Fiasco’s New Album, ‘DROGAS Light’

Lupe’s DROGAS Light LP doesn’t release officially until tomorrow (well, tonight really), but you can stream the album in it’s entirety a day early thanks to the good people at Billboard.

DROGAS Light is the first in a trilogy of albums to come from Lu and the first to be released independently through 1st & 15th/Thirty Tigers. Fourteen tracks deep, the album includes guest appearances from Ty Dolla Sign, Simon Sayz, Gizzle, Big KRIT and many more.

New Lu is always welcomed here, so stream the album below and be sure to cop on iTunes once it’s officially released — and I’m about to do the same.

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Lupe Fiasco is joined by Big K.R.I.T. & Rick Ross on “Tranquillo”

Lu returns with yet another leak from his forthcoming Drogas Light album, due out on his indie label 1st & 15th/Thirty Tigers on February 10th. Hit that pre-order right here.

On this outing of supreme verbal gymnastics, Lupe has linked with K.R.I.T. and the biggest boss that you’ve heard thus far, Rick Ross. “Tranquillo” is pure tranquility.

Stream it and watch the trailer for the film under the cut. You won’t be disappointed. Drogas Light in just a matter of weeks!

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Lupe Fiasco announces release date & track list for Drogas Light + new song “Wild Child”


Lupe retiring? Never that. Just weeks after announcing his resignation from the rap game, he’s back with new music — and a new album. Lu’s long awaited Drogas Light project is due out on February 10th, and today we have his “Wild Child” single featuring Jake Torrey.

Drogas Light is the first album of Lupe’s Drogas trilogy, which is also set to include Drogas and Skulls. And on top of all of this information, Lu has announced the official track list for Drogas Light, which includes work with Ty Dolla $ign, Big Krit and Rick Ross.

Check out the song and the track list below.

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Lupe Fiasco is done releasing music. For real this time.


Sad news.

Yes, Lupe Fiasco has toyed with retirement in the past, but this time I think he’s for real. I know I’ve gone on record as saying rappers never really retire, but this could be the end for Lu. Yesterday, Lupe dropped his “N.E.R.D. (Freestyle)” where he spit a line about “dirty Jewish execs,” that did not sit well with the general public (understandably, of course). In fact, Soundcloud found it offensive enough to remove from their site.

After a barrage of attacks on social media, Lupe took to Twitter to announce that he’s done with releasing music and that his forthcoming projects are on hold: “albums cancelled.” Is this the end? Only time will tell.



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