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Lupe Fiasco Reflects On ‘Food & Liquor’ 10 Years Later


Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Lupe Fiasco’s seminal debut, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. Hard to believe, right? 10 years has flown by, and today Lu took the time to share his thoughts on F&L 10 years later. He even drops an exclusive track at the very end.

F&L was an influential album that kicked off an esteemed career for Lu, after dropping a slew of unforgettable mixtapes. I remember interest in Lu was so high after he appeared on Kanye’s “Touch The Sky,” and he delivered with his debut despite the heavy bootlegging. It was a moment in time that was perfectly captured here — from the lyrics to the beats (Pro, Trakk, Neptunes, Kanye). Lupe can still outrap your favorite rapper, and that’s a fact.

I maintain that the leaked version of F&L is the best version of F&L, but both are classics, imo.

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Details Emerge on Lupe Fiasco’s 3 Final Albums, Due out in 2016


Lupe recently announced that he is planning to drop three (yes, 3) new albums in 2016. With one quarter of 2016 already gone, that means Lu might be dropping one per quarter for the duration of the year. Maybe? Maybe not. You never know what Lu has planned, but please believe whatever moves he makes will be calculated and well planned.

Today, Lu took to his always-entertaining Twitter account to reveal some additional info on the albums, including revised titles and cover art. The next three and final (gasp!) Lupe albums are as follows: DROGAS, DROGAS light and SKULLS. No release dates were revealed, but Lu promises they will ALL impact this year.

Is this the end of Lupe as a rapper? I’m not certain. I hope not, but he’s given us enough music to live on forever should he really be retiring. He owes us nothing at this point.

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