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R. Kelly Plans to Call His New Album ‘Buffet’, Because R. Kelly


No, not “Buffett” like Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett. But “Buffet” like Ponderosa Steakhouse, or a place with all you can eat crab legs and shit like that. That kind of buffet. Of course, R. Kelly is titling his new album Buffet, because R. Kelly.

But if you were R. Kelly, why WOULDN’T you call your album Buffet? Why not? He keeps it “In The Kitchen” after all. But he’s not calling it Buffet for the reason you think. Not publicly, at least:

“It’s all you can hear. I’m 27 years deep in the business, I’ve been blessed to do this music for so long and I’ve got a lot of great songs under my belt, and fans love it. But, I’ve got all different kinds of generations of fans now, and I have to feed everybody. You’ve got Hip-Hop, you’ve got old school music with the Step In The Name of Love type, then you’ve got traditional R. Kelly, sensuous sexual kind of music. It’s just a variety of things, so I call it the Buffet.”


Check out the video below of Kells explaining Buffet below.

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Video: R. Kelly – Happy Birthday

From the hotel room, to the skrip club, to the bus — Kells knows how to throw a party. He even t’s the mall up. Like its nothing, at that. Yes, Kells still celebrates every born day, and the celebrations are filled with pure debauchery. Want a birds eye view into one of his soirees? Well, this video is just that.

Man, this looked like a good time. Maybe next year we’ll get the invite. Ha! NSFW, depending on where you work.


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R. Kelly f/ Shawnna – Back Up


Robert Kelly goes signer turnt rapper on this new single which features Shawnna. Both artists trade real bars and warn the competition to “Back Up” in the new year. From the sound of things, Kells has a new project (or something) slated for January 2015, and Shawnna is plotting a big new year as well.

But yes, Kells is rapping here. Maybe his next release he’ll be in full MC mode? We shall see.  Shouts to DJ Averi Minor.

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