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Watch R. Kelly Sing The Story of His Life

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Just last week, GQ published an odd interview/feature on R. Kelly titled The Confessions of R. Kelly. I’ll spare you the details on the piece if you’ve yet to read, because honestly, it’s something you’ve just gotta read for yourself. But towards the end of the interview, they go into detail about Kells singing his life story for the GQ cameras. GQ disputes some of the accuracies of the song and the claims within it, but it’s Kells and Kells does what he wants. He always has.

It’s something you should read. And this is something you should watch. Watch R. Kelly sing his life story below. Hopefully you have 45 minutes to spare.

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Read The Crazy Story Of Why You Never Heard/Saw This Unreleased R. Kelly & Static Video From 2005

R. Kelly & Static

Wow. This is a real treasure. The stuff of legend, to be honest. Over the past few days, I’ve been chatting with Harvey-based rapper, Static, regarding his unreleased video and song with R. Kelly called “Toot Toot, Beep Beep.” The story of why you never heard or saw it is even crazier than the song.

Back in 2004, during Kells’ mid-2000s hot streak and smack dab in the middle of his criminal trial, Rob and Static connected to record “Toot Toot Beep Beep” — a track Kelly featured on and produced. The track was so hot that they decided to film an accompanying video for it in 2005. At the time, Kells was fresh off a string of hits and at the top of his major label game (despite the charges), and Static was a hungry, up and coming independent artist from Chicago.

The video was 100% funded by an indie label — Third Millenium Records — but it looks as good as anything you would’ve seen on 106 & Park at the time. The song was radio-ready and the video was spot on for the era. This is vintage Kells, right here. So why have we never seen the video until January of 2016?

Well, to let Static tell it, R. Kelly stalled then blocked its release — after being paid. According to Static, there was some question as to the age of the females in the “truck scene” of the clip, so in fear that it would hurt his case, Kells refused to sign off. In fact, various news outlets were on the video set interviewing girls in the video, asking them how old they were.

Static claims he had proof the women were of age, but Kells then disappeared and stopped communication. Jive was interested in pushing it as a single, but unfortunately for Static and Third Millenium that never happened. Thousands of dollars were wasted and the small indie label saw no return on their hefty investment. That’s the music biz for you.

Static has been sitting on this video for 11 years, but decided to release it a few days ago after a conversation with a relative of late-Harvey rapper Q-Storm, who convinced him to share it with the world and tell his story. It’s too bad this video never saw the light of day when it was meant to, but hearing/watching it now will bring a smile to your face.

I guess it’s never too late to give it a push. Watch the video, which will take you back to XXXL throwback jerseys and bucket hats below.

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Watch R. Kelly’s Controversial Huff Post Live Interview

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Earlier today, R. Kelly sat down with Huff Post Live for a Q&A while on the promo trail for his new album, The Buffet. The R answered a number of questions — most interestingly the lack of support from his fans and R&B fans in 2015. The Buffet hasn’t sold as well as other albums from his catalog, and he addresses that here.

Some of the questions fielded from Twitter (and the interviewer) offended Kells, and he later walked off the set. It was pretty brutal front to back, and things got extremely tense. Hit the jump to see for yourself — no word on if he got that McRib.

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